Obie promoted

Info. Via TSN mobile for blackberry, Obie is now VP of football ops.Does he also stay GM?

Good question…the article is somewhat ambiguous as to whether Obie retains the GM duties…

With the addition of Cortez to the football operations staff, the Ticats have also announced that Bob O’Billovich has been promoted to Vice President of Football Operations.

O’Billovich previously served as the Tiger-Cats general manager for the past four seasons.

I would imagine he will remain as GM until further notice…or perhaps this promotion is more of a title based promotion?

That’s why i’m wondering, does previously not mean he’s done with that job?I mean if it was a still ongoing job would they not have said “also”?

That's why i'm wondering, does previously not mean he's done with that job?I mean if it was a still ongoing job would hte not have said "also"?
not sure 15 chamionships...

Perhaps the promotion is more of a title/status based promotion? who knows…

George Cortez would have probably earned more than Mr. Obie,hence the promotion-at least on paper/structure- and salary adjustment. The Head Coach should not be making more than the GM.


This is a silly face-saving move they’re making for Obie now that Cortez has been given so much control. Apart from changing the sign on his door and maybe giving him a raise, I can’t imagine how this “promotion” will affect the day-to-day responsibilities in the front office. Obie was already responsible for everything “beneath” Scott Mitchell and you can bet your ass Mitchell didn’t cede any additional power to Obie. This let’s them try to spin it as “Obie has more important things to do now” instead of “some of Obie’s old territory is now Cortez’s”.

I agree with you.

To me it speaks volumes that they said Obie was “previously” the GM. When we last had a Dir of Football Operations, it was Ron Lancaster, and there was no GM at that time. He became GM when Greg Marshall was head coach. There’s no need for a GM and also a Dir of Football Ops.

To me, it looks like Obie is moving toward retirement and this is an orderly step. That’s okay, he’s earned it.

Though the press release didn’t say so, it looks like George Cortez reports to Obie in the new setup. I think that’s appropriate. I’m hoping he is well prepared for what is a major career move. He’s never been a head coach at any level since 1973. He’s never been a Director of Football Operations/ General Manager at all. I’m confident he’ll do a good job, but he’ll need and benefit from Obie’s guidance as he takes on important new challenges.