Obie on TSNs Off the Record

Obie on Off The Record tonight. Topics include: Ron Lancaster, Printers/Williams controversy, Printers performance, Moreno trade, and turnover in Eastern Conference QBs.

Not much you don't already know, but worth a listen.

Shouldn't it now be called the Printers/Porter controversy?

I forgot the " " in the controversy point.

Best question: What's the best thing about being the GM of the Hamilton Ticats.

Answer: silence (1, 2, 3, semi squirm, eyes look up and to left) Just being in the Hamilton community.

Good recovery Obie :wink:

It on TSN II Now ..

Will back on TSN at 11

Then back on TSN later

Or when he was asked if Ham. got jobbed in the '83 Eastern Final vs. his Argos.

A knowing laugh....

Finally some justice, sort of.

The '83 eastern final .... man that brings back bad memories! I was in first year university remember being so angry I kicking the vent through a door. Who was that ref again?

Al McColman (sp?).

Got threatening phonecalls, home vandalized...

I went to that game in Toronto. That was the Gerald Bess, pass interference ghost call. we did get jobbed!! One of the worst calls against our Cats.

5000 ticat fans in the endzone were irrate!!!

Al McColman (sp?).

Got threatening phonecalls, home vandalized...

The unfortunate thing is he is still officiating in the CFL to this day. Number 54.
I hope he still wears the Grey Cup ring he should have received from the argos because it was his awful call that allowed Toronto to beat us and advance to the championship.
I still become upset anytime I think of it.
A true TiCat fan will never forgive or forget.

So true TC26. Brings back painful memories!!