Obie on the FAN590 this morning (Friday)

Obie was on the FAN590 this morning with Mike Hogan and Chris Schultz. Here's a summary of what he said--or at least of what I remember he said. When you get old, you forget more than you remember. :lol:

--They plan on going with 4 import receivers. If they go with a 5 receiver set, the 5th guy wil be a Canadian

--Glaspar's had a good camp but Beveridge had a good game last night

--They will probably go with an import free safety

--Botterill looks like he'll be a good back-up, Mariuz at one LB spot

--Ponder's had a good camp

--Bauman has been hampered by injuries but he hasn't progressed like they thought he would. Came up lame last night saying he felt 'tight' before the game.

--Printers did some good things but management of the game could've been better--eg. just before the half they could've gone for a field goal but never got to it

--team is very strong at RB and mentioned John Williams as a strong backup

Some Chris Schultz comments:

--Bauman needs to get 50-60 catches this year and more next season

--Printers had a strong game both inside and outside the pocket

--At this stage, the Argos are a more polished team than the Cats

An Argo-Cat fan

The Blue team as "polished" I find to be an odd comment.

Joseph went 8 for 18; that's mediocre, not "polished."

Bishop was 3 for 12 with three interceptions. Far from being "polished", those are Cody Ledbetter~Billy Dicken type numbers.

Here it is in it’s entirety:

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Thanks Espo,I got double feedback until I closed the one site...
Great interview.Love Football Friday!

Thanks for link Espo.

didn't sound like Obie is feeling the love with Chris Bauman right now. He kinda implied he wants the kid to be a little tougher I think....but, that's just me I could be wrong.

No I got same Impression from Obie ..
Would not surprise me if he is moved Cut lose..
Or on a Very Short Leash this year.