Obie on the Fan 590 on Wednesday morning

He’ll join Mike Toth and me at 10:40 from the Senior Bowl. Basically it will be a state of the union address.

Fan 590 am.

Happy listening!


Is he going to be taking questions from you guys?

Thanks Hogie

Appreciate the heads-up Hogan

I got tail end of the Chat any else get full version ?

Obie said that Otis Floyd had a bit of a mean streak in him. I didn't think some Hamilton fans agreed with that theory anymore. :wink:

we need that ..Hamilton has lack a Killer instinct part that is having a chip on shoulder like Otis has

The BIG thing that jumped out at me was when one of Toth or Hogie (I forget which) asked what were the chances of Printers being in training camp, Obie said "50-50".

Verrrrry interesting...........................

That means Printers doesn't want to take a pay cut. Which also means Hamilton will cut him soon.

Probable end result of Casey's departure: Rob Murphy and Devone Claybrooks, welcome to Hamilton.

I won't miss Casey and I sincerely hope he's gone. Too much talk from this guy from Day One and not enough talent to back it up. His contract would be more appropriate at about $100,000 and he should be playing 2nd or 3rd string. This is my opinion (like it or not) based on his failure to live up to his press clippings and his personal allegations about himself and the magic he would work for the Ti-Cats upon his arrival in Hamilton.

ALL OF OUR BACKUP QBs have out-performed Casey behind the SAME OFFENSIVE LINE.

I wouldn't work too hard to keep this guy around.