Obie no one has to be fired

Obie says no one will be fired. I can live with that and quite frankly no one likes it when people get fired. But Obie, at least kick some asses out there. Start with the OC and DC.
Demand that we get the ball to Lumsden and Caulley both on the ground and through the air. Demand that more creativity is injected into our play calling and demand that we figure out 3 or 4 ways to convert on 2 and 3rd and short. Get Richie to show Printers how to run play action.
Defensively. Kick Creehand's butt on balsam so we stop giving opponents 10-yard cushions, and get more pressure on the QB.
And finally you have our permission to kick Taaffe's butt until he learns to at least show confidence in our offence even if he really doesn't have any. And, suggest to him strongly to show a little more emotion once in a while on the sidelines to inject some confidence and excitement in our "rookie" team.
Obie time to kick butt and put a little fear in the coaches and the players.