Obie MUST go....this is ridiculous for fans and the owner

May I suggest you donate you seats to a charity at least they could be income tax deductable and you would get some benefit.

I too am seriously losing interest and am definitely not renewing next year....oh wait...

Part of the reading process is to recognize the defense and check off if necessary. Maybe switch up the play, hit a hot route.

The particular play I noticed was when he had three receivers on the same side of the field. Two were wide open, one was covered. He never glanced anywhere and threw into coverage.

I know exactly what you are feeling. I'm right there with you! (although I'm a 40 year or so fan)

I'm actually thinking it might be a good thing to take a 1 year break from this incompetent organization next year.

Explain to me again why this would be a bad thing?

There comes a point when this team does more harm for the city's reputation than good. This is how bad things are.

It's flat out embarrasing to listen to TSN persoanlitites telling it like it is, and reading on-line newspapers from all over the country.

If things don’t improve quickly, moving out of town for next year’s home games could be fatal.
When the team comes back to play in the new stadium there may not be enough fans left to fill the 22 thousand seats.
I think the Caretaker will have to have to find a new President and GM between now and next season.
The present regime, starting with Scott Mitchell, has given us below-average football since the Caretaker took over.
How has it gone on like this for so long? In contrast, the off-field part of this team is excellent.
I can’t think of any other team in the CFL (maybe the Blue team but look at them now) that would have put up with 8 years of futility and bad decision-making under the same President.
I think the Caretaker has learned about football the hard way since he bought the team…and it looks to me as if he is smarter than the rest of his on-field operations management.
I’s time for him to ditch MItchell. Obie should retire after this season. I think there would be a line-up all the way out to King William of qualified applicants for both jobs who would love to work for Bob Young.
I have been a fan since 1961 when I was in high school in Hamilton and can’t remember a time when the team’ had so much going for it off the field…but at the same time was so mediocre on the field.
The long-suffering season ticket holders deserve better.

Please explain to me how a football teams wins or losses reflects poorly on the city they play in? The Cats don't harm this city's rep by not winning any more than the Leafs do in Toronto or the Browns do in Cleveland.

I would, except my (obvious) masochistic streak won't let me. :lol:



It's all about 'mergers and acquisitions' (mostly the former rather than the latter). It could also be indicative of how well the Ticat organization is run.

:oops: :oops:

My football fan objective today is not to watch any defensive coordinator who looks like he's about to choke on a Crayola. Wish me luck. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


One of the teams other priorities, and maybe a higher priority than winning, is this message board, threads must be in the proper order and format, fans must be told how to post and in some cases what to say. A local reporter comes on the board, openly identifies himself and even links to articles he's written, but if anyone calls him by his reporter name the thread gets deleted. (?)
Same 'reporter', who's name we're not allowed to use, claims that he has a personal relationship with the team's owner and that control of the team has been wrestled from Bob and that he had been warning him all along, then thread deleted.
I say when a member of the media with inside information and a personal relationship with Bob lets loose a bomb like that there might be other priorities besides merging threads and monitoring what a dwindling fan base says.