Obie MUST go....this is ridiculous for fans and the owner

when will it stop being frustrating to be a ticat fan

When they can maintain a winning record...?

unfortunatly it doesn't look like any time soon

Even if Caretaker wanted to fire Mitchell, I can't imagine him doing it until the team plays its first game in the new stadium. Too difficult to get a newcomer up to speed in the middle of the process, and despite a few foot-in-mouth moments, Mitchell is still needed to play "bad cop" to Bob's "good cop".

8) Frustration isn't even the word that best describes it.
  I actually am beginning to lose interest in this whole screwed up franchise, and almost don't even care anymore !!

   If I didn't have season tickets, there is no way I would even spend a plug nickel to watch this crap anymore.

    And that is scary, because I have been an avid TiCat fan and followed this team for 50 years, and have had season   
     tickets for most of those years !!

I agree with you.... i have NEVER been so disgusted with the management of this organization. Caretaker.... please cut your losses and let the old tub sink....

Obie- go gracefully into the night and acknowledge your instinct for talent is gone - you spent so much on the big ticket players each year... there was never enough money for the grinders in the trenches.......

casey.... time to go back to being a linebacker coach somewhere

and Mr Cortez stick to being a Bills clipboard holder. You obviously dont have what it takes for the CFL

I started working in the open hearth at 18 and remember some of the ticats working at stelco in the off season. Itsbeen more than 55 years since I peeked through the fence on Lotteridge to see Pete Newmann, Vince Scott, John Barrow and Zeno Karz play football..

I thought we had bottomed out but this is pretty damned low

I am now ashamed of this team...

and mr moderator of this blog... dont silence me like you always seem to want to do --
you are probably a young techno pup in the employ the tabbies--- a pity because you will never see greatness in Black and Gold in your life time as us old timers have... :cowboy:

HERE! HERE!.... I agree a 100% I was a fan when Garney was a player. The 60' S will never come back in my lifetime.

I hate the Argos so much that I am going to convert to an ALS fan for the rest of the year.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

question you all have to consider.. but especially you the Caretaker

If the Cats keep playing like this...

they wont make the playoffs (LOL)

they will have collared fans in a new stadium for one season but with no potential for a second season - barring a miracle performance in 14 games on the road!!!

they probably wont fill the stadiums where they play-- London, Waterloo, Whateverville
but maybe they will... when the basketball Harlem Globetrotters play their opponents "The Other Team"--- the Trotters wipe the court with them.. " The Other Team" looks "ordinary" AND always loses...

its part of the reality of watching the Globetrotters play basketball ---they win..." The Other Team" gets mocked, derided and has the Trotters run rings around them...

welcome to the Ticats-- "The Other Team" VS the CFL

"you're playing with the guys you have on hand ...... and they are not as good as you want"

[b]OBIE???? I cant believe you actually said that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then how in good conscience can you draw a salary!!!

You picked em --- didnt you?[/b] :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

Excellent short post smokeystover!! :cowboy:

You'll have to change your name then to GOAL. :lol:

The 60's will never come back because those players back then had a different work ethic and a winning mentality. Heck, guys like Garney had the skills and endurance to play the entire game on both offense AND defense. Many of the modern day players don't take the game as seriously and are just about the paycheque. If you go to Ti-cat practices you can see the players are really loose, laughing and joking around. Even after a bad game and having a losing record.


I feel the same way I've been a fan since the mid seventies and except for a year here or there this team has been a loser in all that time. I'm tired of losing over and over and over again!. I used to get so mad when they would play a game like today, not anymore I just expect theses day shake my head and don't really care! Apathy is the worst thing a fanbase can feel and that is what is happening here.

The Ottawa Roughriders were the league doormats through some of the 70s and all the 80s and 90s since they are gone the Tiger-Cats have proudly taken their place.

I really have to say this too and I know it will not be popular here but I have to say it because it's how I feel. All Bob Young has done to the franchise since taking it over is doubled to Quadrupled the price on everything in the park. At least when we used to go and watch the team lose at least it was affordable to watch them lose...NOT ANYMORE!

Do you think Obie is involved in a deep plot - still working for the Argos undercover ? :slight_smile: Sure isn't doing much to earn his salary from the Ti-cats.

Yeah, it does kind of stink when you have to pay $80 to watch a game in a terribly uncomfortable seat with no back, have terrible concession stands, disgusting bathrooms, and have to watch crap!

You can buy end zone seats for $15, pi$$ at home in your own bathroom before the game and sneak in a couple of pops or juice boxes. Makes for a cheap night of entertainment and you don't feel as ripped off leaving the stadium after the Cats get destroyed by the opposition. 8)

And next week, those three running backs will be used properly, to spell and relieve each other, and the Eskimos will just crush us.

This team is a joke.

It is obvious there is little heart in this team. Watch Jamal Johnson, this guy is often flat footed, puts in little effort and misses simple tackles. Not a contact type guy. Renauldld Anderson is missing in action but when he makes the odd tackle he is sure to let the fans all over the world know it. Avon Colborne ran well today, but he really looks out of shape. Heavy breathing after a couple of decent runs and off to the bench. I might add that there are several other Ticats who similiarly look out of shape. Gugiere for one. The DB's for the most part continue to play off the line 10 yards, and backpeddle when the receivers cross the line of scrimmage. This allows the receivers to get 11 yards downfield and turn and come back to the ball with at least 5 yards separating them from the DB.

The offensive line was terrible, on one occassion Argos rushed 3 men, 3 against 5 yet still pressured Burris almost yielding a sack. Burris is not making the reads. Often throwing to covered receivers when he has one or two guys totally open. Too many dropped balls, but also a lot of poor passing on the part of Burris.

Time to cut bait and get in some players with heart and soul. We are tired of paying to watch comedy.

Send the team a message. Stop going to games. Don't renew your seasons tickets. This team is a joke.

You answered it yourself. The O-line is terrible and Burris doesn't have much time to make the proper reads before a completely unchecked D-lineman or blitz is in his face.

We have some players with heart and soul such as Cobourne and Stala but Cortez won't play them. :roll: