Obie MUST go....this is ridiculous for fans and the owner

"Quote of the day" from Obie............verbatum from his CHML half-time interview

"you're playing with the guys you have on hand ...... and they are not as good as you want"

Huh?...anyone see a problem with this?

Earth to Obie ! sir, hired them and keep saying "BETTER IS BETTER "!!!!

Please, somebody cut this guy loose !.......and get "BETTER" than this

Man, I feel sorry for Bob Young who puts his trust and CASH in the hands of such incompetent people as this


He got the 2102 MOP and the league's leading receiver form 2010.

Offensive talent is ok.

Special teams are great.

Defensive talent and coaching is bad.

Shoulda kept Bellefeuille and his staff. I believe there would have been dramatic improvement with the acquisitions of Burris and Fantuz. He had the team ion the cusp of grey Cup appearances.

You missed the whole point....clearly Obie was inferring the roster sucks but they are stuck with them........yet, who hires the "roster" with the approach that "better is better".......... which really means, dis-mantle the team each year ?

it's funny to watch though

I still say we will eke out a win today...only because Ray is one of the worst starting QBs in CFL history

I still say we will eke out a win today
well, maybe not......just a case of the "[i]hope springs eternal[/i]" theory

I may have my rose coloured glasses on too tight

Defenders who cannot tackle, a defensive coordinator who is clueless, receivers who drop like turkeys from the sky. George Cortez seems to have more contact with reality with the Sharpie in his mouth than what the hell is happening on the field half the frigging time. Absolutely disgraceful!

Oski Wee Wee,


Congratulations, Saskatchewan, on your Eastern crossover in November. At least the TiCats wont be humiliating in front of a national playoff audience. I'll be the first to say it: "Maybe next year."

Can we first stomp on them and then urinate to put out the fire?

Where are the brown paper bags? I will be embarrassed to be in Box H on Saturday. The 'aints have nothing on this year’s 'icat team.

:oops: :oops: :oops:

I guess this band of idiots running things didn't get the memo. You don't lose to the Argos especially two games in a row!

This team is in sad shape AS USUAL!!!

I'm not even going to bother putting in the effort to criticize any players or coaches on this team. You might say that's appropriate after the "effort" we saw from this team today.

The results speak for themselves.

Get rid of Mitchell first

Scott Mitchell. No player or coach comes in and gets a contract without the president having the final say and signing off on it, and before anyone suggests that Mitchell only follows the advice of his GM not true, a couple of our coaches have made statements about Mitchell being involved in way the team is coached.

it's funny to watch though
Glad you're having a good time and finding the Cats woes funny, personally being a season ticket holder and traveling to most away games costs me about $5,000 a year, the whole "but at least the beer is cold" approach is wearing thin.



Do you have any sources, or can you elabourate?

Glad you're having a good time and finding the Cats woes funny, personally being a season ticket holder and traveling to most away games costs me about $5,000 a year, the whole "but at least the beer is cold" approach is wearing thin.
I respect your thoughts...

When I say "funny", it's not a "haha.......tickle my funny bone" sort of way"'s just an expression but really means I'm rather sad

Bring in Mike McCarthy.

You wont find links to something that's just a standard part of every team. Contracts are not signed or money spent without the president's ok.
The way this team fires employees and the reasons they do it makes me not want to mention a name even though it's all done in public but at a couple of the public Q&A sessions, football operations staff were just straight out asked who has the final say on players, and the answer is always the same, the President. Charlie Taffe said right in an interview that Mitchell was "very active" in the football operations side of the organization. He's an ex player and an ex agent, there's no way he'd sit back and not stick his nose in things.
Both Hitch and Morreale also both say it was 100% Mitchells doing when they were released...I mean told to retire.
There's not a chance he doesn't get involved in the day to day team decisions.

Where to start...

Basically, we're screwed. Cortez has an expensive, long term contract, so he's not going anywhere. Obie has not drafted well and other than raiding the Lions after he defected from there he hasn't done much inter-league. The Secondary is a mess, linebackers old, DLine ineffective, and we're one injury away from OLine catastrophe. We're suppose to have the best receiving corps in the league, but results prove otherwise.

We are in a rut of picking up other teams rejects (Burris, etc). If we don't develop our own QB then we're in desperation mode and only get lucky once in awhile (DMac).

Next year due to moronic civic resistance, the TiCats won't have a real home game, thus minimal revenue. Expect most high priced veterans cut and a lost season. If we lose next week that process might as well start early.

However, last year the Grey Cup champions started 0-5. Remember this is the CFL so miracles happen. There is a lot of talent on this team and if divine intervention descends on the practice field this week anything is possible.

Oskie Wee Wee - In St. Garney We Trust

still think they threw this game. No team could have that many players dropping passes, standing in the end zone waiting for a pass, and missing tackles in one game. And just why was everyone so excited about "finally" signing Giguere? I've seen nothing so far from him.
I've been saying all season we need Avon playing; so they finally play him, and guess what? He was the best player on the field both games (except for Chris Williams last time Avon played). Why are they sitting him? Chevy's good, but he IS just a rookie, one-dimensional.

Edmonton starts 3 RBs....we can't find a way to play both Chevy and Avon....makes no sense...

I would definitely not be unhappy if Mitchell got the boot.

But I do think he is BY's 'right hand man' so to speak.. and cant see him letting him go any time soon.. even if its the right decision to be made..

Not to say Obie gets a free pass.. definitely a head scratcher of a comment.. its not like this defense has been riddled with injuries and you're "stuck" with guys that you didnt want out there.... You brought these guys in.