Obie & Marcel on Richie Williams

Hey folks, Rick Zamperin here.

I spoke with Ticats GM Bob O'Billovich and head coach Marcel Bellefeuille earlier today on the release of Richie Williams, and I thought I'd share our chat with all of you. I'll pass along this sort of thing from time to time, 'cause I know you guys are hungry for all things Tiger-Cats. Check out the link below for the interviews.

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Looking forward to the 2009 season.


Thanks Rick

Thanks Rick nice job on trying to figure out where they are going with the draft...You could have been a dentist :slight_smile:

A dentist? LOL. I'm not sure about that. But I am excited about Saturday's draft, especially the wrinkle that Jamal Lee's signing in Carolina has provided. Obie makes a good point when he said if Lee falls past the #3 pick, the Lions might take a shot at him.

Love the interviews Rick!!!
Still not sure why Obie said the Cats would not be interested in Lee?
No player will step in and start for the Cats this year anyways!

Great job as always....even some talk about the ULTRA secret Neg List!

I will give you 3 reasons.. Kenton Keith, Terry Caulley and Tre Smith. The only thing the Cats need for the backfield are FB's.

Yeah, trying to get info on teams draft strategies is "like pulling teeth"...

I guess everyone is trying to figure out what Toronto will be doing and they have been very discreet in their rebuild since Bart Andrus has come along. BC needs to make a deal with OB if Toronto is going to take Lee, or a 3 way trade would have to be put together. If Toronto has no interest in Lee then the Lions can sit comfortably where they are in the draft. Last years the Lions had room for one pick on their roster (Lumbala), so for them to be stacking picks it looks like they have some kind of strategy.

In a year where most prospects need seasoning and none sticks out with maybe the exception of Lee. trading the #1 pick in exchange for the 4th, 5th and 6th. could be appealing for the Ticats and allow them some further trades, owning the 3,4,5,6, pick.

Looks like it will be a very interesting saturday morning. Teams have historicaly not been willing to trade starters for draft picks, could this year's draft be different?