's all up to you.

As I watched our Cats…lose another game to-night.
My thoughts turned, to the remaining balance of the season for the Cats, after the break.

18 days…

18 days to fix a broken Ti-Cat team…that can only beat the Blue Team. I think we are in for some major changes over the next 18 days…in the player department…and coaching department.
Like it or not…a major shake-up will, and let’s face it…needs to take place.
I just can’t see Obie…sittin back and writing off the balance of the 2008 season.

:oops: :oops: :oops:


I agree completely!!! Obie will realize if he has not already, that he needs to be the one on the sidelines calling the shots. He will also realize if not already, that Danny Mac should be the one to call the shots on the offensive side of the things. Pleaseeeeee let this happen… I am sick of losing!!! with brutal play selection. We have the players to win, but we are getting out coached!!! It has to end!!!

If this happen you better Enjoy losing more.
Cause Obie has not coached a Game in years.
Give me a Break :lol:
If Charile is Fired Denny Crehan will be head coach not obie.

Crehand has never been a Head coach.
so get use to losing more
If this happen I see 2 Wins only …

Chariles coaching has won us two games
the offence Scores TD This
will last year it was Nick to Rescue.

All we need is some Players to Turn the Ship around.
What you guy want is Same as Jumping off the Skyway Bridge. It suicide

It has to end!!!!!
5 years now.....synthcat. I'm afraid that the 2008 season, must somehow be salvaged...or the 2009 ticket base is going to go right down the crapper. That would be
If Charile is Fired Denny Crehan will be head coach not obie
Onknight...I don't think major changes ( if they do happen ) would include Taffee. I think you may see a change with the D/C and maybe the O/C. As far as player changes...NFL beef up the Defence and Offence. Taffee will remain...I think you can ban on that.

Tom? Why are you assuming Creehan would be selected as the replacement and not Bellefeuille? At least Marcel has a CIS title on his resume. If it’s a mop-up operation, seems to me it wouldn’t particularly matter if a firing were late in the season.

If it’s a question of not having an experienced head coaching stop on one’s resume, then even Danny Mac could be theorized about on an interim basis if it’s a hire-from-the-staff call. Dave Easley has more CFL experience than anyone on the staff if memory serves.

Obie obviously wouldn’t be a long-term answer. The best time to find that would be the offseason, I would think if a move is made.

Oski Wee Wee,

How’s about the much ballyhooed Greg Marshall?

Obie has not coached a game in years???
The guy is not dead. In fact he has more experience and insight into the CFL than any of the current bumblers.
I'm tired of watching the coaching decisions cost us games! Obie get in there and bring Danny Mac in with you. We need a Grey Cup now! And it could be done! But, not with this current mismanagement on the sidelines. I like to win and I think the current roster should be able to do it. Obie get in there and get it done.... and please bring someone in that can recognize the strengths of the offence and call effective offensive plays all game long.

Nope. Not even with the impact of injuries to his unit. I think he’s gone down in his perceived stock as a future head coach somewhere. Obie’s familiarity with Jacques Chapdelaine might be a factor in giving him an edge if a replacement to Taaffe becomes an actuality.

Is 2-7 the latter-day equivalent to 0-and-4-meet-the-trapdoor? We shall see soon enough. Taaffe has ten games to save his job as is.

Oski Wee Wee,

Like I said in a prior post - I will respect this coaching staff, once we beat someone other than the ARGOS.
Well - they have confirmed once more, that this coaching staff is pathetic.
Can someone please answer this question - why was there a need to change the lineup? Why wasn’t Tre Smith in the game?
Because there was a need to put in this new receiver, who couldn’t catch a beachball?
All the Cats had to do was use the same lineup as last week; keep Smith and Caully in the same backfield, and let Ritchie ‘manage’ the game.
With their running ability, Richie would need to throw just 10 passes max in the game, & we would have won.
Another stroke of ‘genious’ from Charlie.
I say fire the whole bunch, and let’s get someone who knows how to coach.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Last game George Hudosn was injured. That hurt us big time, I think.

That upset the whole ratio.

We were required to start another Canadian somehwere.

Very Simple …
He was Apparent in Calgary Till his Falling out with Tom Higgins.
I Can’t Dave wanting the Responsibly
The is not the CIS it is the CFL
We Try the CIS Coach Remember.
People Wanted his head same as they want Taaffe’s Now
To Me Crehan make the most Sense at this Time.

You guys are putting alot of faith in a guy thats pushing 70.

I don't care what anybody says, anyone who thought that the Cats were going to be a "great" team in 08 clearly was whistling in the dark. Obie has performed miracles in the past, but to expect him to turn around a 3-15 overnight is alot to ask. To expect that he will be around to oversee a 2-3 season rebuilding process is optimistic, to say the least.

Are the Ticats better this year than last? For sure....I don't think that the off season additions made a big difference, but at least they are hanging around in games. But are the players good enough? I think everybody knows the answer to that.

Taffe is doing the best he can. Of course he that good enough? Probably not. Changing coaches isnt going to change the level of talent. You think Danny Mac can teach Williams how to not throw like a girl???? Can Obie teach Jesse not to get hurt???

The Point I'm trying to make is that maybe Obie can't live up to your expectations. There is a lot of work to be done, alot of holes to be filled. Alot of trial and eror with player signings. To expect that kind of committment out of a guy that age is unrealisatic.

If this is gonna work it will take alot of help from the Caretaker on down. Obie, coaching staff, scouting.

There are BIG decisions to be made...What do you do with Printers, Jesse,Zeke, NML???

Is Obie the guy you want making these decisions?

Taaffe is not the problem. You need indiviual talent with depth to make a successful team. Charlie is sort of handcuffed due to the player evaluation. Example the Oline - D-Line someone actually though these guys had talent.

Exactly my point. We knew lasy year that the cat receiving corp was weak. It was still week during the off season, and despite the best efforts of the front office…it is still weak.

Maybe obie has lost a bit off his fastball…

My money is on Obie. I predict a huge shake-up at the end of the season and it will be for the better. He's only been here 7 months or so!

This team isn’t winning the 2008 Grey Cup. One of the main reasons we’re in this predictament is the change in players and coaches over the past four years. There is a good nucleus of talent here, give the coaching staff a chance to work with them and we’ll be a contender soon. Blow everything up again and 2009 will be another re-building/lossing year.

I hope you are right!

Theres nothing that I would rather see than an Als Ticat Eastern Final in the near future!

I say the coaching will stay the same to the
end of the year.
We will add alot of players between know and
then. and by the end of the year(say the last two games) we will be alot better.
Then everyone will think our coaches are hero's.
Then in 2009 we will be back looking like
s_ _ _T again.