obie is the right choice

He's been in the league forever at every level and has found some great talent for the Lions. Plus, he's worked with Craig Smith and Casey Printers before. And he lives in nearby Oakville, and has publically stated that he has an "escape clause" that allows him to leave the Lions any time to accept a GM job with another team.

Popp would want to coach and GM, and he is not an experienced coach.

Taman's teams are held together by elastic bands, and never make it far in the playoffs, if they even make it to the playoffs.

If Barker is rumored to be on the chopping block in Calgary, how much of a catch would he really be?

Open the bank for Obie, Mitchell. Anything else will cost you your job in 2008.

We agree, he is a fan of the Forbidden Website, an insider and an all around good guy, even though he used to be an argo.

Anybody with a beer in his hand seems good to me. . . even if it is a Molson.

I didn't realize that he was 67 as the article suggests though. I think the only concern for him is one has to wonder how much longer he will do this. Continuity is now what the Ticats need, but someone at 67 has to be close to hanging it up. But being close to his family at the end may be what makes this job really attractive to him, because he may see this as a last stop.

He is certainly the guy with the best resume.

We don't need a lifer, but somebody that can turn things around. :slight_smile: OB might be a good fit, and a few more bucks to retire with.

If Ottawa starts up soon they will be after OB because he has ties to Ottawa and is a fan favorite.

hey I really like Obie too - and I don't think that being 67 is that big of an issue because he could (theoretically) turn the team around and then hand it off to a protege who could continue GMing in Obie's fashion.

Other than Obie I also like Barker, Mohns, and McCarthy and would be surprised and disappointed if one of these four guys didn't get the job ... unless of course there is some darkhorse candidate that nobody has thought about