Obie is all class

This is the type of G.M. this team has needed for some time.

From Ken Peters blog

A classy move

Brock Ralph is gone.
That may prove to be a good move by the Cats. Both Mike Botterill and Chris Thompson will help.
And Ralph under-achieved in his two and half seasons here.
But before we leave this, a tip of the cap to a classy move by Cat GM Bob O'Billovich.
The Cat GM engineered the Ralph trade because last summer Ralph's three-year-old daughter Oakley was diagnosed as being autistic.
The Raymond Alberta native learned that Oakley would have better access to treatment programs in Alberta than in Ontario.
Not that Ralph requested a trade. He didn't.
But O'Billovich figured it would be better for all concerned that Ralph remain in Alberta year-round.
So O'Billovich set the trade up even though it leaves his club desperately short of seasoned receivers.
But the move certainly has left Ralph grateful and more respectful of his former employer.
"I still hope the best for them. I hope Edmonton wins the west and Hamilton wins the east," the former Cat receiver said.
Still as classy move anyway you look at it, don't you think?

way to go Obie, and best wishes Ralph, i wish you and your family success and happiness on and off the field, just not against us, and best wishes in your daughters development.

I hope Brocks Child Get Treadment she's needs. It Too bad The Goverment of Ontario Is Bad when Comes to treating autistic Kids.

Obie is oldschool and all about respect and doing the right thing.

We are lucky to have such a wonderful human being watching over our team and more importantly.. our players well being.

Much love and respect to Obie and all the best to Brock and his child.

This makes ANY trade analysis trivial ...

It is a PURE reflection of what men like Mr.O'Billovich, and Mr.Ralph, VALUE MOST.

Family, and especially children, come FIRST.PERIOD.

From one father to another - I wish nothing but the BEST for Brock, and hope that he BLOSSOMS out West as a TRUE #1 WR.

I'm not sure what MANY of you fans have been watching for the past few seasons - BUT, Brock Ralph has been one of the few HIGHLIGHTS on this team, throughout his tenure.

He is a PURE ATHLETE who treated me to some really fine PERFORMANCES, and great memories.

Good luck, Brock.


Tissue anyone. Come on! He probably wanted to move Brock anyway. I wish Brock all the best in Edmonton. Good guy!

Maybe he did, but Obie was good enough to trade him to the team he needed to be with.

A nice move by Obie… not sure if it’s a very smart football move though.

Time will tell.

I think many of us on this site tend to forget that our TiCat players are human beings with the same kinds of personal and family challenges as we have in our lives.We often don't hear about the nagging injuries until the season is over. Family issues would certainly affect our job performance but we tend to forget that when assessing our players' performances.
Maybe the next time somebody drops a pass or misses a tackle,we fans could be just a little more patient.After all we are still talking about a game played by young men with families just like ours.
Good luck to you Brock and your young family.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

The world needs more people like you..

People with compassion and understanding are getting a bit rare these days.

Yes, obie has the wisdom on these things probably more than a young guy who hasn't been around the block in the world of the CFL.

Agree zenstate with what you say about PL, I'll second that. The world sometimes is ok, lost my wallet last night outside a convenience store and was just getting ready to cancel my credit cards and then I get a phone call from the police station on Rymal road saying they have my wallet and everything intact. A person returned it who saw it on the ground. I couldn't believe it and yes, the world isn't always as bad as we think.

They are not as rare as you think. But you got to look hard, because it is the olds guys, from the old school, that think that way, & I am 1 of them too.
So, touche to Obie, & best of luck to Brock & his family.
The Eagle - getting balder by the day :thup: :thup:

From a purely human standpoint, it was a very nice gesture. Autism is very difficult and I hope that Brock's daughter gets the best treatment she can. One of the best facilities for autism in Canada is in London, Ontario. My nephew went there. She is young enough that she may get some very good treatment. My prayers are with Brock and his family as autism can be devastating depending on the degree.

I respect the reasoning behind the trade, but it does leave us in a bad spot.


I respect the reasoning behind the trade, but it does leave us in a bad spot.

Ralph was not good while employed here.

We're better today than we were Tuesday.

Sure, maybe Obie showed some class. He could've dealt him further away from Alberta to Montreal. But let's get some perspective on this. If Brock was a true #1 like a Cahoon or Bruce, would Obie have dealt him at all? Brock was well under 1,000 yards in 2007 and hasn't gained 2,000 yards in total since he entered the CFL in 2003. He finds CFL employment because he's a tall, fast, CANADIAN (not a tall, fast, sure-handed Canadian).

Obie moved him because Brock can and must be improved upon. If he factored in Brock's family situation, Obie gets some marks for that. But we really don't know if that was a consideration do we? Actually, if Brock didn't request a trade given his daughter's autistic needs, he definitely showed some class as well.

An Argo-Cat fan

All good points in this thread. Both have family issues and deal with them without fanfare. Maybe it's not surprising how this turned out. To my mind, both Obie and Brock are fine people.