Obie, I Hope You're Scouring the U.S. For Help on our D Line

Lumsden ran all over them and Printers had a field day !!!

Printers had a field day? it was his worst game yet. A pass to a wide open reciever and we win the game. Lumsden ran great but fumbled or we likely win. Nobody expects to completely shut a guy like jesse down but when it counted most their d did just that. They bent but didnt break when it mattered and won the game. I guess printers and lumsden must be out celebrating then? we lost the game, they both did good things and bad things and we have seen them both do better. The riders deserved the win.

You know, those good times when they becam FAN FAVOURITES!!!!!

They bloody well had to do something right to get that title!


Reading Cats history I believe the good times were the late 50's early 60's

8) Best all time TiCat team, 1967 !!!! I didn't read about it, I watched it play in person. They were simply intimidating and awesome !!!!!

And there you have it right there. They have the best O-line in the CFL.

Someone also mentioned Zeke was more of the fact that they got a good block on him on almost every rushing play.

Why did a rookie QB look like a stud? Because he had all day and his "patience and poise" IMO was a result of his supporting cast. (That doesn't mean Durant isn't good, it's just that when you are given the right tools, you are more likely to succeed.)