Obie, I Hope You're Scouring the U.S. For Help on our D Line

The difference in the game, I thought. We can't generate enough pressure with just our front four. Outside of McKay, there's no keepers there.

Not sure Mckay is as good as everyone seems to think he is. Most often he rushes wide outside and overruns the play. The D line looked better agasint Toronto when Mckay did not play. Even today, he was ineffective and took a dumb penalty which kept the Rider's drive alive

Mckay?..I thought he was the worst of the bunch..
I'm begining to think he is overated!

I think that the McKay penalty was incidental. He was trying to make a play on the QB, and his hand hit the facemask. Too bad for him that it went for 15 yards...

On the other hand, he is no Montford...

True, so maybe there are no keepers on the D-Line. I long for the days when we had two great Defensive Ends (Montford and Cheatwood) and more-than-competent Tackles (Belli and Fill-in-the-Blank).

Philbrick. 'nuff said

The pass rush does need to be upgraded. I'm sure Obie and Dan Rambo are on the case.

NML is a solid DE. He needs to have a matching bookend to be a better sacker. One-armed bandits might work in Vegas, but as a defensive line approach, it's pretty difficult to be successful. It will take time for the guys we have to develop, but if a better guy or guys is available, we should definitely go for that.

Oski Wee Wee,

How about we give some time to our defencsive line before we throw them to the dogs and hey maybe a few blitzes may help in the sack total and when ur against a team with a RB like Wes Cates u cant go right for the QB Hence why our D-line didnt get a sack but there were plenty of hurried throws that had to be made

I didn't think we had any pressure today. I even saw that dreaded 3 man rush a few times, I for one can tell you I hate that.

We seemed to cause Durant to rush the ball a few times when we blitzed, but all your pressure can't come from blitz's if you want to be successful.

Sask does have a very good o-line, but, we are really going to need somebody to step up on the d-line if we are going to be successful.

LOL first Setta, now NML are overrated, my how we forget the good times so quickly!!!

I agree our non-existent pass rush was the difference in the game. That and some sloppy tackling in key situations.

McKay’s penalty was cheap. Looked to me like he tugged the quarterbacks jersey as he was shoved past him. The ball was clearly away, but I thought it was a cheap call.

The D line seemed okay to me. Durrant has a Danny Mac like quick release. He still took a few good shots though. Lets hope that Burris holds the ball longer. The penalty was bad in my opinion. The contact was pretty light and Durrant pulled a dive.


No presssure by our D was the difference in this game.

Full marks to the Riders' O line.

Referees are instructed to err on the side of protecting the passer. If there is any doubt they will penalize

PleaseTell- When were those good times. :lol:

It seemed that Zeke was having a bit of a tough time out there At LB as well

You are kidding!?...we lost the game on the Lumsden fumble and the BS roughing the passer call....We played the best team in the league today and came up 5 points short...we're 1 and 2 ...BIG DEAL...

Well we played a good game today but since this thread is about the D-Line i will provide an interesting prospect. Alvin Bowen who was drafted by the Bills this year (6th round?). He is a tweener with excellent speed and strength who I think would be a great pass rush specialist in this league. In 2006 he led the nation in tackles while with the Cyclones.

I guess then that Sask. should revamp thier d line cause they couldnt get near Printers nor stop Jesse !!!!

They stopped him when it mattered most though and won the game. I dont think they expected to shut him down but when the chips were down and the game on the line, they did.