Obie has failed to deliver quality import players

I think Obie made a two good moves in the off-season (getting Chris Thompson in the Brock Ralph deal, and trading on draft day for Markeith Knowlton). But the reason Mitchell signed Obie as GM was to improve the talent of our import starters. IMO Obie has failed in that regard. Think about it. These are the only notable "new" guys (guys new to the CFL) he brought in that have started games in 2008:

On O:
-Eddie Cohen and Scott Mitchell
-Trey Smith
-Gerald Davis

On D:
-Dominic Lewis
-Jeff Tisdale

Obie's only good signing has been Prechae Rodriquez, IMO. None of the other "new talent" import guys Obie has brought in have made any real impact. Most import players playing key positions were already on the team last year, before Obie arrived. And we all remember how much that team stunk.

Obie, this city had high expectations for you when you arrived, and you have not delivered. Why?

wait for it

I'm not Obie. :wink: LOL

However, this IS the time where scouting has to identify players who want to come here that can make a positive impact on the roster. We have have two straight SMS-related shallow free agent pools the last two years and NFL cut rules have caused CFL-possible players to linger longer in team camps down south than in past years. That's the context in play. Still, you see what the Als do year after year in finding new talent and it becomes a issue of what gives?

There must be a talent infusion in the roster and in the headset brigade. 2009 auditions have definitely begun!

Oski Wee Wee,

I could not agree more Ticatsackattack .
I was concerned all through training camp as I was nto seeing any good players coming into camp and nothing has changed .

The only decent imports we have are :

Moreno, Printers and Williams , Miles, Thompson, Bradley ,Caulley , Tre Smith, Knowlton.

We have very good Canadians but overall our imoports are the worst in the league.

Canadians are top notch :

Lumsden, NML , Baumann , Gregoire (in NFL Camp) , Gagne-Marceaux, Hage, Hudson, Dyakowski , Bekasiuk, Reid, Barker, Nedd, Woodcock , Mariuz and Botterill .

Fire him :twisted: . I want to start over brand new again next year and if the new coach, OC, DC, QB, RB, WR, LB, DB, CB, O-line and D-line, GM, President and Scouts don't bring us a Grey Cup, Fire them.

Half way through season one and already, he's a bust? I don't know where you people have been but I've been watching this team for 18 years and I have never seen the franchise turnover so many times in a five year period as this one has. We are where we are now. I'll give Obie the time he needs to correct things.

Sounds like you want to let everyone go and bring in the entire Als team complete with coaching staff and GM.
Maybe keep Stripes?

Russ makes a good point. Last year at this time, when the NFL cuts were finding their way onto CFL practice rosters and neg. lists, Obie was working for the Lions. Its a numbers game. You have to bring a lot of talent in and then see what the coaches can make of it. Many of our recruits were young, thus the time to develop is longer. We could sure use a few seasoned players that might have a more immediate impact.

I think you hit it on the head Novascotiakid when you said "You have to bring a lot of talent in and then see what the coaches can make of it." I think Obie has brought in the talent, our coaches just don't know what to make of it.
A lot of the people here write off our players the same way they wrote of K Peterson, Flick and others. The same guys performing at high levels for other teams.
It's hard to look good when you never get the ball - just ask Lumsden.

there has to be something wrong in the coaching there people!

We have twice the talent the blue team has, we just had a worse coaching staff.

honestly,,,even with the brutal coaching (IMO), and a suspect O-line, and no pass rush,,,we've been in games.

As tough as it is right now, I'm optimistic about next year. Another year of experience, plus some assumed off season tweaks.

Failing to acknowledge the fact that the talent level is 100% better than last year seems to be a strong point of yours, Ticatsackattack. Look: Obie was dealt a team with thin talent and it is going to take time to develop top notch depth.

Obie also brought in: Collins, Lewis, Rodriguez as well as brought back Bradley and Williams from free agency while also acquiring Tony Miles (who you're going to say is bad?).

IMO he hasn't done too badly considering he has only had one year as GM and the free agent pool was weak.

Obie did a bad job same mess as last year. He should of picked up an OL on the draft he picked a Safety knowing he has Glasper....He should retire...Desjardins knew how to draft look at Bauman now he will be a good player

Look at Bekasiak Marcel's 4th overall pick in the same draft....boy that Desjardins knew how to draft!!!

Right. The early trades are keeping him alive.
The re-signing of Taaffe was a mistake,
and since then all he has done is replace STIFF "A" with STIFF "B".
Not good enough, Obie. More homework for you until your grades improve.