Obie getting help

According to Drew Edwards on the scratching post blog, the Cats are currently looking for somebody to assist Obie in his duties.I like this alot.Too much pressure to put on one guy and two heads are better than one.The leading candidate is apparently Joe Womack in SSK.He also speaks of alot of changes to the coaching staff and stuff.

I already mentioned on another thread that this move is surprising because I would have expected Marcel to have either succeeded Obie or become his assistant prior to that.
If this change goes through as reported, it will put great pressure on Marcel to improve on his second 9-9 season.
Maybe the Caretaker's promise to go straight to the Eastern final next season has also put the heat on Scott Mitchell.
This could be a very interesting off-season.

So did Obie ever get help?

Not yet, you forget the Ticats are always among the last to make their first transactions :lol:


I suspect the reason we are not hearing about any new coaching appointments or trades is because they are waiting until the new assistant is hired.

That's what Drew says, and he's usually always right so I agree.Last I heard one of the front runners for asst. was Joe Womack who's currently with SSK.Also heard that the first transaction won't be until at LEAST January.

15: Yup.
What concerns me is that we could end up missing some good acquisitions for players and coaches.
If the Blue team gets some good offensive players eg Ray and Stamps we could be end up behind them and Montreal next season.
Something must be going on though. The Caretaker has set his sights on finishing first in the 2011 season. So if he is serious, some big changes will be needed.......and soon.

The deals are probably done - signed, sealed and delivered. The team is probably respecting the holiday season before ANNOUNCING the deals.

Interesting reads here. I don't think big changes are needed but tweaks, yes. Running back is one. QB is not one, you can't bring Ray in here with KG.

Earl: We have discussed this before would not be Ray and Glenn. I think Ray is the better QB all around even though they the same age. I would trade Glenn. But I would only trade Glenn for Ray. I would rather see Ray here than in Toronto.

Since the end of the regular season i've been pitching the trade Glenn for Ray thing.It makes perfect sense.Ray's got a better arm, he's a proven winner, he's got the physical skill's and Glenn's stock is sky high whilst Ray's is near rock bottom as of right now.The time is now to pull the trigger on this trade, Glenn can deliver nice stats at the end of the season, Ray can deliver crucial wins.Not gonna happen but it's nice to dream :lol:

I hope the team is very serious about upgrading the team or we might end up on the very bottom next season. You know teams like BC, ED and even the lowly Boatmen are going to be much better, Peg was getting very tough near the end of the season and La Police is determined to improve. The coaches no matter who they are better get players that want to win every game. It isn't going to take some of the other teams ten years to rebuild.

I agree with you Catfish and, if the needed change doesn't come now, it could be another ten years before Cat fans go into a season with the high expectations most of us had on Canada Day 2010.

A Dec. 24th bog quote from Roughrider radio play-by-play guy Rod Pederson -- "Rider U.S, Scout Joe Womack is for sure heading to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats."

Well if that rumor has any truth to it (I heard a while ago from Drew that he WAS the leading candidate for the job), than what is this guy's history like?Who did he help turn around, what players did HE help bring in?Will he be the second head that makes it better than one?With Obie retiring likely next year, will he be the one taking over?

Under his watch as head scout and previously director of p.p SSK brought in Durant, Dressler, Chick , Baggs, Shomari Williams, and non imports like Fantuz and Bagg.

So, yeah, this is a highly significant move by HAM both short and long term.

A great signing that hopefully wont get lost in all the doom and gloom

As I understand it, from all I've heard and read about him, Womack was a Tillman disciple who made a disparaging comment about Ken Miller and, once Tillman was gone from Regina, he was demoted from Dir. Player Personnel to U.S. Scout for 2009. It's been reported that Tillman was the Cats' first choice for the "O'B backup" position and was brought into Hamilton for an interview, or discussion, or whatever, earlier in the year after "resigning" from the Riders and before being hired by Edmonton.

Here's Womack's bio, from the Riders' site, written going into the '09 season:

"Womack begins his fourth season with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. This season Womack will shift his focus to the scouting and recruitment of players throughout the United States as Director of U.S. Scouting. The Baton Rouge native has spent the last three seasons as the Director of Player Personnel for the Green and White and also worked as the team’s strength and conditioning coach. With his new role, Womack will be based out of the U.S. and travel throughout the country evaluating and recruiting U.S talent.

Womack brings the Riders a wealth of football knowledge after spending the last 36 years in the business. Most recently, Womack has spent the past eight years scouting in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, and the NFL Combine.

Womack joined the Saskatchewan Roughriders as a scout in 1982. He moved on to work at the CFL office as the Director of Scouting in the mid-1980’s. Womack also served as the Director of College Scouting for the B.C. Lions in the 1990’s."

The Ticats are expected to announce the hiring of Joe Womack to their front office on Wednesday. Womack was the Roughriders’ personnel director last season

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