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Josh Miller, complete with his very impressive stats, appears to be worth a look, particularly,since he would like to be in the TC camp this coming spring.

With speed, 6'3" height and 235 lbs, he is a perfect linebacker for CFL play. He's Canadian and his home town, Tillsonberg, makes Hamilton a convenient place for him to hang out. At 21 years of age, if this kid is gifted at all, he could have a lengthy CFL career.

Let hope he doesn't opt for "Small Town College," USA, or as you suggest, Mr. Dejardins.

Come on guys...seriously? He runs a 4.86 40. Lets not get to distraught if he doesn't get a look.

I would suspect 4.7 or 4.8 would be the average amongst cfl linebackers. In fact I would be very surprised if Zeke Moreno ran under a 5.0

Zeke runs/ran a 4.7 but please lets not compare someone that started and USC, was Drafted, Played in the NFL and is a 2 time CFL all star with Josh MIllar.

Ran a 4.7 when he was drafted in 2001 maybe, but now at the age of 30 there are slow downs, not to mention Zeke was a bit on the chunky side this season. Like I said now days I would be surprised if he ran less than a 5.0. And the two are very comparable, because they both are trying to start in this league, however right now one has much better position.

I think some are really underestimating the level of talent in the CFL.
Comparing him to Moreno is downright crazy.

The kid has slightly more experience then a typical high school senior CIS prospect. His best bet is to play one year of Juco ball get his marks up and come and play CIS ball for 3 years. I timed a MLB at our local combine here who is now playing in the CIS starting in his second season at 4.55 with a similar build. He has potential but this is not a phenom by any means. Measurables average, needs to add mass, needs to improve speed and needs to play against better competition. This can only come from being part of better and a more organised program where he can be developed over a longer term. Definitely not ready for Pro ball.

Doesn't hurt to invite him to camp and see what he's got.