obie explains why moreno was traded

30 is the new 29.. :lol:

Give the guy a chance. He played MLB at Texas A&M and it's his natural position. What we really need is help on the D-line. Maybe Obie can find a impact player that can do the job.
As for Moreno, I still think his lack of speed was being exposed and hopfully we can improve there with Anthony. :cowboy:

i would sure like to know which other starters were offered to Obie

It’s a little clearer now with Kashama in the fold! :thup:

And obviously Winnipeg is the new Edmonton for our trades.

Complete joke. We had one of the best LB corps in the league and we have now gutted it. Great job!!

Lets be realistic, we're not winning the Grey Cup this year. So who cares if it helps us this year.

Our D has way too many holes to fix right now.

And not great either, he's not a beast in the trenches who's going to all of a sudden make all our defensive issues go away. He's a decent average player.

Can't disagree with that, but I really don't think trading away someone who is actually contributing to the Defense for....well actually for nobody is really the answer. Another first round draft pick? So we should start winning in about 5 or so years when some of these guys actually develop. Nice to have something to look forward to. :roll:

Moreno played special teams last year! Get it right obie!

This is a load of horse malarkey.

Well that's funny....when he was a free agent in the summer, we apparently had no interest in him.

Then after his horrific start to the season, we decide that we want him and we're willing to trade our defensive captain for him. :?

That sure makes sense. that takes care of anything from Moreno's end. As I believed, he didn't want out in the first place.

I also can't believe we would've added salary with this trade. Usually when you lose the trade you at least save some money in the process.

Like who? I'd really like to know.

This is out there. Sounds like a brilliant damage control plan to me.

(And for the record, Zeke DID play special teams last year.)

Anthony is not Moreno to begin with...and yes it does hurt our playoff hopes because we still have to play Winnipeg twice and until this trade they were in big trouble at MLB. We improved one of the teams we are battling for the spot (or at least one of the teams that can stand in our way by beating us).

This in no way helps our chances at making the postseason.

And if this is the truth (meaning it's not damage's all part of the plan) then I truly believe Obie is losing his mind.

But apparetnly too slow for this year.

I didn't initiate any nor contributed to them, but there sure were a lot of "Where's Zeke?" threads this year.

Although there was that interception and run back against Winnipeg, I can't recall too many other big Zeke plays this year. I suspect that pick-off had more to do with positioning and QB error than individual executionj.

I am certain that a lack of pass rush has been killing the team all year, so trading for a rush end was a good idea. As for Zeke's pass coverage, Ricky Ray for one exploited him with five to seven yard lobs in the second half.

Two days later, the shock is starting to wear off and these thoughts are being considered. I still think Zeke should have stayed in black and gold, but at this point I don't care who pulls that jersey on. I need to see this team win...soon.

I still think Zeke should have stayed in black and gold, but at this point I don't care who pulls that jersey on. I need to see this team win...soon.
8) My sentiments also at this point !!

But does Anthony have the heart that Moreno does?

OB is blowing so much smoke he's looking like a Stelco chimney stack.

An Argo-Cat fan

Good one Barney. AMG has is right, this is damage control at its best. What did everyone expect Obie to say, gee "I folded with a full house because he had me beat for sure"

Lets all wait until Saturday night before we pass judgement on Cornelius Anthony.
One thing about Zeke though....he was quoted as saying "some people" were not backing him up...whatever that means. But Obie seems to think everything was fine.
I'll go with Zeke on this one...despite my great respect for Obie.

It's an attempt to spin a trade gone bad. That's all. if some of you want to buy into it, great. Don't put down those of us who aren't so foolish as to take the bait. If Obie got a healthy Canada the trade would have been arguably a good trade for both teams, but as it is, it's a joke.

A joke? It is funny.

Not 'funny' funny but funny 'peculiar.'