obie explains why moreno was traded

From CatChat in the Spec:

If Bombers call again, don't answer
What in the name of Troy Davis, Tim Bakker, Dan Comiskey, Danny McManus and our first round draft pick for Jason Maas is going on?

I spoke to Obie Wednesday and asked him to explain the Zeke Moreno trade.

This much is clear; Winnipeg initiated trade talks and asked Hamilton if they were interested in Tom Canada. Cats were.

Any conflict between Moreno and the coaching staff wasn't an issue. Moreno didn't seek a trade.

There were no financial considerations. Cats would have added payroll with Canada.

Obie was offered other Bomber starters when Canada's spleen injury was revealed. None interested him as much as Canada.

Obie considered nixing the deal but Moreno was already en route.

Obie believes the Cats will get a good player from the Bomber draft pick. If Corey Mace becomes available that will be a bonus.

But the real eye-opener is that the Cats feel Cornelius Anthony can be just as effective as Moreno as the new Cat middle linebacker. Cats believe Anthony is faster and like the fact he can play special teams (Moreno never did).

Obie doesn't believe trade weakens Cats for playoff run because they think Anthony can match Moreno's play. and if that happens, the Cats believe they come out ahead because of the Mace and draft pick component for the future.

Obie wanted to increase team speed; he feels Anthony does that.

That's the Cat take.

Can't wait to see all crying about this thread.

Moreno is the better player and I dont think that can be questioned. What can be questioned is whether Anthony works better in a Creehan system or any other system that doesn't allow players to do their own thing.

I hope Anthony stays healthy. :slight_smile:

I'm shocked, I thought Obbie would be all in a panic like the world was about to end and that they'd never win another game for at least another 5 years.

How can a team possibly compete again after losing one player?

Hmmm...if anythony is that good, and I do believe he'll do well, why not have them both in the linebacking corps? Oh right, the ratio. Obie already screwed that up with all American D-line experiment that was really going to bolster our pass rush. For the last time, getting rid of Moreno is not a positive. Quit trying to make it one. The entire league is snickering, knowing Hamilton got taken again. If you wanted to use him in another capacity, if you wanted to put Anthony in the linebacking corps then do so. It doesn't always have to be either/or. On a football team it's ok to have more than one good player in a three player group (LB).

After reading this every GM in the league is going to be initiating trade talks with Ob. His phone will be ringing OFF DA HOOK!

Ouch! :slight_smile:

NML is on the D-Line. Knowlton has been good and that would be the import spot Anthony would have to take if Moreno was still here.

I don't agree still was a Bad Deal for us.

We got 1st round pick for next year
how dose that help us this year
It Don't .

No offense Tom, but it doesnt matter if you agree.

You are missing the point. Obie thinks that we didnt need someone this year, that the replacement will be just as good as Moreno. As GM, thats his call to make. No one else's.

As fans, we cheer (or boo) the team that he assembles and MB coaches.

Just as good ?
40 tackles in 2006
56 tackles in 2007

Guy was released in May and no one made him any offers...yeah just as good as an All-star. yeah I know he played in a 3-4...

As far as playing special teams he had 4 special team tackles, come on...

Of course it can be questioned.

How can you possibly know that without first seeing Anthony play the MLB position?

Then, and only then, can one comapare the two.

Lol I have a hard time believing Anthony will be a better MLB and leader than Moreno but I'll give him a chance. Sounds to me like Obie is trying to justify the fact that we traded for a draft pick and rights to a player.

Oh well. I'm staying optimistic. Maybe Mace ends up playing for us and we get someone else good in the draft. Its all just gonna be sweeter when we eventually make the playoffs. :wink:

maybe OB's just priming the pump :smiley:

Moreno may be better, but not 'game changing' better. We dont win or lose games because of an MLB. (Im sure theres some former high school LB's out there that will be soo offended by that but it's true)
2 years and 5 wins with a defense that couldnt stop the pass to save their lives.

Would our record be any different with an average MLB isntead of an above average one? Probably not.

Might try watching him play first. If past stats we’re all that mattered. Casey Printers would be underpaid! And Jason Maas would have won us a cup.

I've seen him play, He's quicker then Moreno but nowhere the tackler, run stopper or leader Moreno is. Sorry

he only played 10 games in 2006..6 sacks
and 13 games in 2007 ..8 sacks
not bad at all!

Hey, Anthony is 30 years old too.