OBIE driving our stars out of town

I listen to the show in winnipeg with Doug BROWN
and sounded to me that Moreno wasn't liking being in hamilton and he certainly did not like the way the defence was bing run or the overall wa the team was run and the attitude of the team .

Well this shoudl be a serous wake up call for this organization when the best players want out . I am convinced Lumsden has told them he won't sign here and that plays into why they are going After Keith and that is why they might have traded Moreno to fee up money for Keith

I THOUGHT OBIE WAS going to bring back soem respectability to this organization but it nwo looks liek all he is doing is driving the best players out of town with printers and lumsden likely to follow

we still have by far the worst import content in the league and obie was supposed to be good at finding players in the US ?

Just relax ... he didn't move Moreno so he could sign Keith ... it just so happens he now has the money available because Tom Canada was injured and couldn't come to us in the trade ... winning cures all problems ... Obie will build a winner and then every player will want to be here ... in the meantime, yes, there are some players that will avoid Hamilton b/c of our record and there are others that will see it as a challenge to make this team better ... at the end of the day, money talks, and the great players will come here when they can get more money here than elsewhere.

I find it INTERESTING - to say the least, to see how much SLACK people around here are WILLING to give Obie.

Here was a guy who was LAUDED, PRAISED, and GLORIFIED for being the GREAT MASTER of Procuring IMPORT TALENT.

So far he has done DIDDLY SQUAT, BUPKISS ... nada, ZILCH, NOTHING - toward bringing any RESPECTABILITY to this Organization.

On TOP of that, he has DONE the old, Hamilton GM TRIED and TRUE : FIRE the Coach mid-season PLOY to DEFLECT his GLARING inadequacies.

They Fired Marcel Desjardins FOR THIS ??!!


I don't think it's that complicated. Obie wanted Canada, when he found out he was injured and Zeke was already in the Peg, his back was against the wall so he took what he could get. Regarding Lumsden, whether he stays or goes is Obie's decision, if he goes it is because Obie feels his salary is unecessary for a player that is always injured. As for Keith, he wants a durable game breaking back. The 3 are not related at all.


It's pretty sad when on the day Ron Lancaster passes away there are still those shallow enough to start another negative/bashing thread.

Moreno is on record as saying that he did not want out.
I wish our best players wanted out…at least our highest paid one.