Obie, draft for depth at starting non-import positions

The way I see it, last year was a disaster partially because talented, starting Canadians (Gagne-Marcoux, Lumsden) went down with injuries, and we didn't have equally capable Canadians to step in and fill their spots.

We are going with imports at Lumsden's spot this year, so we don't have to draft a RB.

We have Dyakowski, Bekesiak and Rempel with one more year of experience under their belt, so that should cover us if an interior Canadian O-Lineman goes down again. I thought Dyakowski, especially, showed good improvement and versatility near the end of 2008.

But we lack non-import depth at left tackle (where Gauthier will play this year), slot (all we have there right now is Bauman, Rempel and Lavigne-Masse), and fullback (Pavlovic, Sadeghian). From everything I've read/heard, these three spots are going to be filled by Canadians in Hamilton.

Therefore, provided that they are all available when we pick, and they all want to sign in Hamilton, I say we draft Rottier at #1 overall (Gauthier can be his mentor, and he can step in if Alexandre goes down), the best slot prospect at #3, and the best fullback at #9. Those selections would provide excellent competition at the three aforementioned key non-import positions, and also guarantee that if we have injury problems at those spots this year, there is not a dropoff in talent when a backup comes in, and personnel won't suddenly have to be changed at other positions due to ratio concerns.


Obie, you can PM me if you want me at the draft table in the Ticat war room. :rockin:

Great post with some very good points. When it comes to receivers though there isn't much to pick from in this years draft. There are a few good O-linemen and a couple good D-linemen. Hamilton should pick the best of that heard for 1st and 3rd pick then the best lineman left for 9th.

Why would they need a third fullback in that set up? Most CFL teams are currently working with a 5 wide set which leaves a solitary back which most of the time is the main ball carrier. Pavlovic is a good fullback with decent hands when the situation calls for him to roll out or even line up as a tight end.

I do agree with going after a lineman especially with the first overall pick (Rottier) and maybe at the third overall spot (Zac Carlson if he’s cleared as a non-import or maybe Mike Morencie).

I'd draft the top o linemen with both the #1 and #3 picks. NI o linemen are the most valuable pieces you can have in the CFL. Not too mention the success of an offense starts with the line.