Obie does the smart thing, re: Glenn

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Obie on Glenn: No deal

Bomber QB's salary the big issue

February 13, 2009 Drew Edwards

The Hamilton Spectator

If Winnipeg Blue Bomber quarterback Kevin Glenn ends up donning the black and gold, it won't be via a trade....

there's no way I'm giving him a contract
like the one he had (in Winnipeg)."

Glenn is due a $50,000 bonus March 1, and O'Billovich says
the Ticats don't want to be on the hook for the cash.

"He seems to think (Winnipeg) is going to
honour that, which is not going to happen."

..."If he's not in their plans, what are they going to do with him?

They'll have to release him. I don't have to trade for him," O'Billovich said.

And the Ticats, with their last-place finish
in 2008, get first crack on the waiver wire.

Sounds familiar,eh, ticatguy?

Is there priority waivers in the CFL?

I thought Glenn would simply be a free agent if released by the Bombers free to negotiate anywhere.

I understood that if a player under contract is released, it happens by being placed on waivers, and that the last-place team has first crack at signing him. If, on the other hand, a player plays out his contract and becomes a free agent, he is then entitled to sign where he likes. Glenn is under contract now, so if he is released, Hamilton has first chance at him.

I stand to be corrected about this.

You are dead on, if a player is released before his contract has ended he has to clear waivers before becoming a free agent.

Another fine article.

Also note how Ed Tait of the Winnipeg Free Press quotes Edwards' Spectator article.

Common news practice.

Yes there is Obie told this last year when we where Watching Practice..
The Ticats have 1st Crack Follow Toronto Winnipeg Edmonton and so on

we're not starting this again? not another fine article,his first fine article.

8) Right again Bunni !! No point in starting all this again. It will just end up being a locked topic like it was yesterday !!! :roll:

If that is true , how come we get first crack at Murthy,he is a free agent?????????

Murphy is a free agent and can sign with any team after Sunday. Picking up a player off of waivers is different. The bottom team gets first crack at players on waivers.In the NFL yesterday, the Raiders claimed a quarterback from Cleveland off the waiver wire. The Lions were the worst team in the NFL last year,so you can assume that the Lions had no interest in the Brown's castoff. :slight_smile:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

8) We don't get first crack at Murphy, because he will become a free agent as of 12.00am Sunday. He is then free to sign with any team he wants to.
   Rumours have it that he wants to play in Hamilton.  We shall see if all these rumours become fact next week  !!!

so as of today (Friday) Murphy is technically on waivers (?)

Murphy becomes a free agent on Monday Feb 16, unless he signs with the Lions before then. There would be no reason for them to put him on waivers today.

But does that mean we would have to take him at his current contract?

And if not, why would a claimed player sign with the team with the first waiver claim when they could become a FA otherwise?

Still not too sure of this rule.

so Obie will let Glenn get released and then on March 1 make him an offer that doesn't have to include the $ 50,000 Bonus, yes?

My understanding is that any team that picks a player up from the waiver wire has to take him at his current contract.

So Obie would still need to either resolve to paying Glenn at his current contract, convince him to renegotiate, release him, or trade him.

What Obie gains by waiting for Winnipeg to release him (which he expects them to do to avoid paying his upcoming bonus), is that he doesn't have to give up any players to get him. If Glenn had been willing to work out a renegotiated contract with Obie in advance (as the Bombers had given them permission to do), Obie would have been willing to cough up some players to the Bombers in exchange for Glenn in order to have certainty re: his ability to retain Glenn at a reduced contract.

In short, if Glenn is released, Obie can get him without giving up any players, but has to pick up his current contract. Obie would have been willing to give up something in trade if he had been able to lock down a reduced contract with Glenn prior to any trade.

Mike Kelly put himself in a pckle with his public comments. Glenn and OB are calling his bluff. Kelly said if he couldn't get anything of value for Glenn he would bring him to camp, now if he cuts Glenn not to pay him he'll come out as Bullsh...

If he does cut him then OB can claim him on waiver but the Ticats would be on the hook for the contract, bonus and all. At that point Glenn wins again. If he gets cut and he's not claimed, he's a FA wins again. Glenn played his hand best IMO.

Obie already said he's not getting his full contract so the waiver argument is stupid. If he wont come down in price Obie or anyone else wont sign him.
Glenn has a choice: sit out and pray someone gets desperate to pay up or take a pay cut.
That's not a winning hand.

If ever Glenn lands here it will be at a discount price and all CDN starters and precious draft picks will be intact. I call that a bargain. (thanks in advance to Kelly)