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Gives us a little more info. DBs signed are very fast, all in the 4.3 range for speed. Mays wants to be here, good news. Dennis Mitchell is apparently pretty good at punt returns according to Obie, may be one of the reasons Curry was released? More stuff in the vid.

I think Obie has got things under control. I think we are going to have a pretty solid group in trainning camp and I'm sure the coaching staff will make sure he have the right guys to start the season. I feel pretty good with Obie in control. He knows his stuff

Great Peace by Ticats TV.

Ticats TV Keeps getting Better

The next move Obie makes
should be releasing that sweater

The video is temporarily not available -- it will return soon.

i dont see it??

Bob O'Billovich's off-season update on Ticats TV is back online.

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based on this, i think Dylan Barker is pretty much a lock for the first overall pick, Obie says he wants size at DB and receiver. Hopefully he can find another Cam Wake down in one of our American camps.

Great update by Obie. Things are looking good.

very interesting piece.
glad did this.

LOL...I thought I was watching the Cosby show when I saw that.

Obie seems to keep reiterating that the DB's and Rec's need to have size and speed and that most of the receivers will have had CFL experience. Also interesting to see that the free agent camps will be more geographically spread out: Florida, Texas and California, the big three football factories (Ohio and Pennsylvania getting honourable mention). The last couple of years I thought the team pretty much stayed in the south eastern part of the states for free agent camps.

I think the team has signed some good special teams players like Botterill who will do the grunt work like the Argos do to give the O and D favourable field position. ST is such an important part of the CFL game.