Obie chalks up another one

Ticat steps into starring role

Injuries open door to Chris Williams

Terry Koshan ,Toronto Sun Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[url=] ... rring-role[/url]
Though [Chris] Williams has just started to make an impact in the Canadian Football League,

O’Billovich, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ general manager, has had an idea for several years

that Williams could be someone who helps decide the outcome of football games.

O’Billovich began following the receiver while the latter was at New Mexico State,

and in Williams’ senior year, O’Billovich put him on the Tiger-Cats’ negotiation list.

As well as being super talented Chris appears to be a humble man, grateful for his success.

He has game changing abilities as a receiver and most likely as a punt/kick returner.

What most impresses me about his play is his route running and his knack for gaining YAC. He has instant acceleration and terrific shiftiness as Obie points out.

An exciting player to watch, for sure! :thup:

Now that Chris is getting recognition for his talent as a player he will also began to get more attention from the opposition. With added coverage if he can continue to shine as a WR he will become a true star in the league. :thup:

What'd we trade to get him again?

The photo in that article sure calls into question the 5'9" stat. There's no reason to doubt Matt Carter's listed height of 6'1", and seeing the two of them together, the delta looks a little bigger than 4".

In a related story, I see Buck Pierce got the offensive star of the week nod. It's hard for me to argue, since I didn't watch the Winnipeg game. Hopefully Williams uses this as motivation to turn in an even better performance sometime down the road.

From the article:

The Saskatchewan Roughriders liked Williams too. They slapped him on their list when he came off Hamilton’s. But O’Billovich was not deterred, and when he traded receiver Prechae Rodriguez to the Roughriders in February of 2010, he requested that Williams’ rights be involved in the swap.

Perry Lefko's report on the trade at the time is here, and it appears to be an instance where Lefko actually got his facts right:

[url=] ... ts_riders/[/url]

The picture of him with Jimenez also makes me wonder about his listed height.

Maybe 5'9" in full equipment, cleats and helmet included?

This page from 2009 lists him at 5'7". Probably more accurate. But note the vertical jump listed there - 39" - half an inch short of half his height. Not bad. Explains how he can dunk a basketball.

If he can continue with his performance now that other teams are looking at him, and have some game films on him, he'll definitely be star material.

If he's 5'9" I'm 5'7" lol.

I was actually wondering who scouted Williams. Full credit to O'Billovich on this one. This kid is amazing to watch.

8) You are so right Banshee !!
 But almost all these players are listed about 2 inches taller, and 15 lbs heavier than they actually are.

 Especially the smaller guys !! <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

[/sarcasm] The same Obie we were firing a couple of games ago? [/sarcasm]

I guess Chris Williams wasn't a bad signing, but if he gets a cold next week I say he caught it from Obie. Fire MB as a warning shot. Noone catches a cold around here. Noone.

TSN's Sara Orlesky did a story on Chris Williams

The video that follows discusses Calvillo and his status.

Is anyone shocked at the possibility of inflated size on football rosters? It happens all the time.

In 1992 the Ticats had a WR named David Lucas who was listed as 5'10" on the roster. I met him at a Cats Claws event one night and was standing right infront of and next to him for 10-15 min. He couldn't have been more than 5'7" because I am 5"8" and was a tad taller than he is.

Obie certainly won that deal -- Feb. 2010 - Prechae Rodriguez to SSK for Adam Nicolson, a 3rd Round 2011 pick, and the rights to Williams.
While Nicolson was not re-signed after 1 season because of his concussion issues, Williams shines, and the pick (20th overall) -- Marc-Antoine Fortin (DL-Laval) -- should be at Training Camp 2012 after a final CIS year. Meanwhile P-Rod was yesterday released by his second team since departing The Hammer:

ROSTER 27-Jul-11
MTL DEL IMP Jeraill MCCULLER (OT) North Carolina State

Lambros and McCuller were added to PR, Rodriguezwas not.

Most athletes do that and I'm not surprised but I find it absolutely hilarious. We have eyes. We can see how short you are lol.

Not to sound corny but you can never measure how bad a guy wants it. It’s a stat that will never exist on a player profile.

That little rookie made those bigger experienced BC DB’s look like they were grasping at air.