Obie caught poaching

According to Drew Edwards on Twitter, he thinks the Cats have swiped N/I DE Ivan Brown from the Al's PR.If it's true he HAS to go on the AR no?I checked his stats, 4 tackles over 3 seasons.Injury move or do they see something in this kid?

Back to 47 on the active roster. Let's see how many guys we can fit on the injured list.

In other news, the Ticats have worked out N/I WR Keith Godding and Jykine Bradley is set to sign with the eskimos.

Als had the right of first refusal, obviously they chose not to activate him. Als invested two years in Ivan Brown and chose not to activate him and obviously Ivan decided to take his chances. Good luck to him. :thup:

Oh good, we don’t have enough guys named Brown.

Who cares lol?The whole team could be smith's for all I care, if they finish 14-4 and win the grey cup it makes no difference to me.

They almost are. Sixteen players on the team share six last names, including three Smiths. Odd coincidence.

But good point. What’s in a name (or six) vs. the big win?

Hmmm. 3 Carters and 3 Grants (when you include PR), but still just one Barrenechea and one Rwabukamba.

We're collecting the set. 8)

Another Johnson and another Williams, and we call Gin.

And Smith (Wayne, Bo and Albert)

And Carter (Yannick, Matt and Michael)

And Dyakowski ( at 325, Peter counts as two)

And the Carters and Grants. Not sure I'd want to listen to this team's games on radio again this year. :?

Poaching!!! Poaching???

That word suggests an illegal activity. What Obie did is quite within the rules. Just because he's shrewd doesn't mean he's a criminal....

Don't listen to them, just go on poac....I mean gathering talent!!!!

It's about damn time we started stealing from other people the way they have stolen (or tried to steal) from us lol.

I think those interested in a new jersey should forget about the numbers and just put one of the more common last names on there. Smith could cover so many people and you wouldn't have to worry about changing your jersey if one of them left. :smiley:

Poaching is fun :slight_smile:

"Poaching" is how we got Thigpen.

Poach away.

Not how you got Thigpen; in fact, he was not on the Riders practice roster; hence, he was released on June 23,2010 by the Riders and signed by the Tiger-Cats, to the active roster,on June 26,2010.

How they got Brown is quite legal/within the rules and I have no problems. Having only 5 players on the defensive line was not enough; also, they lack non-import depth; reason why they signed Kyle Jones who was released by the Als on June 26 and Brown from the practice roster.


To activate Ivan Brown the 'Cats had to release rookie receiver Rory Kohlert.

Source? I'm not seeing it in any of the usual official or unofficial locations.

If true, that makes us pretty thin at NI receiver again, with only three on the entire roster, PR and IR included. Makes me a tad nervous.