Obie and Mitchell, WAKE THE UP

45 points today. Worst performance this year. We haven't had one game in which the opposition scored less than 30. Players are trying to coach the coordinator. WAKE UP AND FIRE CREEHAN ALREADY. Anyone will do better. What a waste of a season. Even today's pathetic offence was able to come back late in the game and could've won if we had a HALF DECENT DEFENCE.

I'm completely fed up and its becoming quite apparent. I had so much hope and positive things to say about this team this past offseason.

July 14th: Hamilton 36, Toronto 27
July 21st: Hamilton 39, Montreal 24

Are you asking Obie or Mitchell to fire Creehan? Probably not going to happen. They gave Cortez a lot of power when they lured him here from Buffalo and I have to think that one area where he has a fair bit of autonomy is his coaching staff. If Creehan gets fired, it will be Cortez that does it.

Don't think for a second that those two garbage-time TDs actually meant something. Those were stat padders and nothing more. If the Argos were playing with a smaller lead as opposed to being up 42-17, the Cats don't score those TDs. After the third Kackert touchdown, the Argos called off the dogs.

I was at the game. And when the score reached 42/17 I left , I couldn't take it any more. So those scores after I left
were meaningless. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

You're right Blogskee on all points. This is the first time since I've joined that I just really needed to vent and I couldn't get my thoughts straight. Man I was only listening to the game on the radio but I could picture the game almost perfectly in my head and it was just a completely frustrating and angering experience.

Are we at the point were Obie signs us a cut from the Bombers or Sask yet. :roll: :oops:

Maybe not. While it appears highly unlikely, let's make that very highly unlikely, right now, the possibility of the Cats winning 3 more games than Toronto does, from here on, certainly still exists. And if that happened, with the Cats beating them in the last game of the season by 9 points, those TDs by Jones and Fantuz late yesterday would factor strongly in the Cats' winning the standings tie-breaker.

On the same thought, I was surprised that the Ar___ didn't make a serious attempt for a TD, which they most likely could have got, on the game's final drive. When playing an Eastern opponent, anytime before the season series between the two teams has been decided, every point counts or, at least, could count in the end.

Must be getting close. Brought in a DL, who Calgary deemed "inconsistent" to bolster our inconsistent DL, while Calgary went out and brought in Baggs. Go figure.

I agree that those 2 touchdowns were in garbage time and it inflated the score a little bit but football is played over 60 minutes, not 45, 42, 27, 35, etc.

It's not the Cats fault that the Argos were playing prevent defense. Their prevent defense wasn't good enough to stop the Cats. You have to play a full 60 minutes.

If Grant doesn't have 4 drops, you might have a different game.

As I mentioned elsewhere, you should reject the notion of meaningless TDs in garbage time.

We play 4 games against the Argos and if we win the last game, the tiebreaker will be the point spread. If we can get back to a tie situation, our playoff hope may lie on the point spread if we win the last game.

Our "garbage" 14 points made the current point spread as 5 points in the Argos favour as opposed to 19 points in their favour.

It DOES make a difference.

Of course we do have to win some games to get to that position