Obie.....a penny for your thoughts.....

Boy, I sure would like to know what Obie is thinking right about now. I know the B.C. philosophy was either produce or it's adios amigo. Me thinks you play Richie for a bit and try to shake things up. He's certainly a real competitor who has won a major college campionship. :cowboy:
I thought the D played really well but they were on the field way too much.
Gotta get the O fired up somehow. :cowboy:

It is time for the coaches to go visit the principle's office for a good old earful of reality. I trust this has been done or will be done very shortly.

I am wondering if the only Richie he is thinking about is Dave Ritchie?

Diesel...maybe you're onto something. Obie has no loyalties to anyone on this team...coaches included. Another loss....and me thinks the fur will be flying. :cowboy:

I don't think it will take another loss. Don't be surprised if there is a press conference tomorrow.