Obby Update according to Free Press

OBBY UPDATE: Still no deal for free-agent centre Obby Khan, but the two sides were still negotiating Thursday. Said Khan in an email from a family event in Pakistan: "I'm still optimistic we will get something done."

Obby will be back :cowboy:

apparently the deal will be announced shortly 2 years 130 k.. apparently included in that 130 is a 25 k signing bonus. 105 base.not a huge khan fan but hopefully if true he can return to his pre-colitis form.

...we can only hope....I think we better start grooming someone else behind Obie and while the new guy is getting some reps. .. Khan can take a breather :roll:

Arash Madani has tweeted that the Bombers and Obby have agreed to terms on a new contract.

BTW, Penton is reporting that Lobo has agreed to terms to a new contract with the Bombers as well as Obby.

numbers i heard on Khan were in the neighbourhood of 130K/2 yrs including the signing bonus. Gotta admit that is steeper than I would've guessed considering that, aside from maybe one other team in BC, it didn't sound like there was any market for his services. JoLo was in the same boat. He didn't get the salary he wanted and went to FA, found out there wasn't much of a market and came back to the Blue. Wonder if there was any difference in the deals pre and post the start of FA.

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You are correct wolverine29 and Blue Blood.

I for one am happy to see both back, gives Obby a chance tp prove his critics wrong and if he doesn't do very good expect Morencie to step in and another possibility is Khan moved to Guard and Morencie at center, either way camp just got more competetive.

As for Lobo, a smart move by mack to retain him since we couldn't find a starting replacement for him, he will be pushed at camp to start by McCoy, Johnson, Smith and possibly Courtey Smith and/or Bowman may be moved to MLB, not to mention who else Mack may find before camp. I hope JoLo is working hard to be in better shape and returns to 2009 form, if he can be healthy he is a warrior.

2 more smart signings by Mack