Obby Khan to retire

The Winnipeg Sun ran this last night:

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have asked veteran centre Obby Khan to retire, the Winnipeg Sun learned late Tuesday night.

Khan will apparently announce the decision that he has reluctantly accepted at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

Khan, who lives in Winnipeg year-round, declined to confirm what he planned to announce but did indicate that it could be the last time reporters talk to him.

Khan, 31, lost his job as a starter late in the 2011 CFL season, but regained it for the playoffs.

Khan was one of the club's most consistent offensive linemen since the Bombers acquired him in the Ottawa dispersal draft, but was forced to battle back from some serious health problems in 2007. The 6-foot-3, 300-pound Ottawa native returned to action during the 2008 CFL season and has long been one of the fan favourites.


And it seems to have been confirmed by Doug Brown's tweets:

Doug Brown?@DougBrown97

One of the most charitable and driven players I have ever met, @obbykhan60, retires today. #GoBombers #CFL

Doug Brown?@DougBrown97

With all the physical hurdles he was forced 2 overcome, never once saw @obbykhan60 feel sorry for himself. Congrats on a tremendous career.

All the best to Obby.

good luck to Obby. Good team first guy, good community guy. If not for his episode with Crohn's who knows how good he could have been but never complained through it all, just worked hard.

The dispersal draft was in 2006? Has it only been that long? seems like it's been a whole lot longer.

....It was time...Obby lost a lot through crohns disease and you could really see it last year...Best of luck in the future Mr. Khan... :thup:

Obby is opening a restaurant this summer called Shawarma Kahn which will feature Middle Eastern food.

Best wishes to the Khan family and hope Obby does well in retirement with his new restaurant as well.

Yup, good luck to OK in his retirement and thanks for the years of service as a Bomber.