OB Punts

Out of Bounds punt should be treated the same as a No Yards infraction. The aim of the no yards infraction is to create more offense. OP Punts should receive a 10 yard penalty.[/b]

I agree but I say 15 yards!

I agree, but not if it's within the other team's 20. Coffin corners are great to see in the CFL, IMO. Anyone see that one by Fleming. That and the fact that Maciocca is going to get fired are the only positives I can get from this game today. What a complete friggin' joke of a football team.

You Can't have your cake and eat it too... IMO pinning teams deep in their own territory is a great part of the game, but team's should not be penalized for punting the ball out of bounds at the 30 or the 35 yard line. If that means the return game is taken out of the picture in certain circumstances, than so be it.

if a kicker shanks the ball and hoofs it out just 15 yrds downfield, now way you going to further penalize him by bringing the ball back another 15.

Firstly youre wrong about hte no yards call. It is meant to protect the return guys because we dont have the fair catch rule so without htat rule return guys would get clocked as soon as the ycaught hte ball.

Also punting is a very strategic part of the field position game and pinning a team deep with an out of bounds punt should be legal

Punting has always been part of the game. I love kick returns, as does every other CFL fan, but punting the ball out of bounds is a very important, albeit boring part of the game. i say keep it the way it has always been.

I like a good kick out of bounds, a coffin-corner kick inside the 5 is great. It really helps the defence and is part of the game of football.

If they get off a crummier kick that goes out at the 35, they shouldn’t be further penalized with a 10 or 15 yard penalty. The CFL governers agreed and declined to penalize OB punts as per the vote on this spring.

Do you mean the one by Westwood that was challenged by the Cats? (Best coffin corner kick I’ve ever seen).

can't take punting out of bounds out of the game, is a must-need. its not like pinning the ball inside the 1 is easy, takes a lot of skill.

Why not?
If a kick off goes out of bound its a penality!

Its more luck than skill

trust me, it takes skill unless you shank it 20 yards downfield, which you'd rather it stay in bounds, and maybe they have a chance to force a fumble and recover.

If a kick off goes out of bound its a penality
not in my CFL, thank you very much

there's already a penalty, a 45 yard punt from the hash mark will only go 38 yards is punted PERFECTLY out of bounds

I love the coffin corner kicks too, but I hate the fact that its "legal" to punt the ball out of the field of play.

What we should do is reward the punter if manages to punt the ball along the sidelines and it bounces out of play. That's legal. But, if it doesn't hit the field before it goes out, it's a 10 yard penalty.

Doing this does 2 things...rewards the kicking team for a well-executed punt, but gives the receiving team a chance at a return.

My 2 cents.

I am not in favour of penalizing OB punts, but if they did, then the most logical way is to be like kick offs and punt again from 10 (or is it 5?) yards back.

they already have an out of bounds rule on kickoff :roll:

ball is automaticly placed on the 40 (or is it the 45 in CFL?)

No, I mean the one by Sean Fleming vs. BC last night. It landed right on the sideline, and within half a yard from the endzone. Got marked at the 1.

But I did see that one by Westwood, and it was perfect as well. It seemed a bit iffy though(as it was on the "fly"), as the ref marked it in the endzone, but another ref claimed the ball went out at the 1 on the fly, so they changed it.

I beleive the receiving team has a choice and can make them kick over if they want.
Or am I getting mixed up with the NFL??

I might be OK with a penalty IF the punt goes out of bounds without touching the ground first. If however, the ball bounces out of bounds, why should the kicking team be penalized for what could be an errant bounce?