Just came across this. If true, it should finally give the Cats stability.
Which means the traditional Ticats-Argos games will have a meaning.

[url=http://www.globesports.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20071204.wsptobie4/GSStory/GlobeSportsFootball/home]http://www.globesports.com/servlet/stor ... tball/home[/url]

OB is great and this will help the Tcats

The off season is great so far.
Red I like the move in Calgary as well. Huff plus the key for me as well is the retention of Barker in a meaningful capacity.

I do too. I know it was unfair to Higgens but something needed to be done. The team did not get better even with the talent they had. The players like this move and I believe the Stamps fans agree. OB was good everywhere he has gone. A good football man exactly what the tigercats needed.

Also, for Hellard to butt out and remain as owner and what did I hear CEO only.

He will stay out of the football operations. I do not believe he was that bad as an owner. The leak was unfortunate it happened while playing golf and he confided with a friend. It was over heard and then leaked to a media member who used this to disrrupt the playoffs. Eric Francis is a joke on radio and in the papers.

Eric reminds me of our Steve Simmons, although of late Steve has been very positive on the CFL.

It seems Eric is hard up for stories. Nwxt he will be covering and releasing a big Bingo story.

I like the signing by the TiCats.

But, I'm not sold on handing Huffnagel the HC and GM duties (Jim Popp anyone). Also, what is he going to do for a staff ? Will he clean house ? He probably should, considering the present DC was given the job by default and the OC really wasn't that great either. IMO, Huffer should of been given the HC position only until he got his staff sorted out. Just looks like he is going to have a lot on his plate for a first year guy.

Not really piggy, Cortez is staying on, Barker is staying on. When ever there is a coaching change usually they have their own guys to place in these positions. Should be a matter of a week or to and it will all be in place. You do not have to be sold on it unless you decided to come and cheer for the red and white.

I hope your right about Hellard not sticking his nose in the football side of things.

Eric Francis road his mommies skirt tails into journalism, what do you expect.

Im sure big dave will be happy with this signing.

As for Huff, piggy as usual is confused.

As red said both Cortez and Barker have been retained. Cortez and Huff have worked together before and have stayed in contact over the years.

Barker will be involved in player personal and contract negotiations, with input from Huff.

There is now no doubt who is in charge, something that was pretty obtuse prior to Huffs signing.

The latest Stamps signing is Mike Petrie, big
loss to the Calgary Herald, but great signing for the Stamps organization. I believe he'll be in charge of media relations.

Its all good and getting better. :slight_smile:

Oh and for all the Saskatchewan haters.

Yes, Hank was at the news conference and he had a
big old grin. Smilin Hank is back!

I can do it, i will do it, and im going to do it.
(just dont hit me down, and out of bounds)

Good news for both the Ti-Cats and Stamps. Obie will be good in Steel Town. While the Stamps oraganization handled the Higgins affair poorly, I can see Hufnagel turning them around.

Wow excellent signing Mike is a good reporter and should do well in this role. Eric Francis was not considered but he may be hired for Ralph the dog. Oh yes he would not qualify for that his mommy did not do that job. :lol: :lol:

Rumour I heard on CBC radio this AM is that Roy Shivers is being considered to replace OB in BC. That should further heat up the BC-Sask rivalry.

Watch For Craig Smith and Mike McCarthy to end up in BC.

Head coach Dave Ritchie in Hamilton is another possiblity.

Taaffe remains at HC in Hamilton.

Possibly Ritchie for DC.

Hoping for Chapdelaine for OC.

Ritchie will not move unless he is a HC. He likes working with Bouno and the two are good friends. Chap is a joke and like I said in another thread the Tiger Cat fans do not need a guy like this one.