Oakland Athletics stadium and/or relocation thread

From a former Floridian’s perspective, what goes on in Orlando can certainly stay in Orlando and better not cost me anything. Screw Orlando and the Fat Rat too.

Also you cannot remind those often arrogant people often enough that they are not the capital of Florida and never have been or will be.

Yes, let Disney build a stadium and run them.
I pay a lot of taxes in Florida and own two homes there.

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I appears there’s some form of an agreement with the A’s state of Nevada and Clark co. on the funding

No details yet but less than the recent 395 million ask. Deadline to get a bill submitted in the legislature is this Friday

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Ah the timing here too right before US Memorial Day Weekend is not accidental!

Tabitha Mueller and Howard Stutz write:

“According to sources with knowledge of the discussions, the public financing package that will be presented to lawmakers will be lower than the initial threshold of $195 million in transferable tax credits the state set last week, and see a similar reduction from the initial request of $200 million in bonds backed by Clark County.”

A major hurdle still remains, however, as approval by the Nevada state legislature is still required for any agreement to be formalized.

These “loose” developments sound and smell as if AC/DC are going to take the stage this weekend for the launch party.

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First series of renderings of the stadium

Manfred says a vote on a move could happen next month during the owners meeting June 13-15

Considering the bill still needs time to go through the legislature and an actual relocation application needs to be filed…that timeline is highly unlikely

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Some details of the draft of the bill. Some items still to be negotiated on which is common

Max 380 million in public funds

Minimum 120 million in county bonds
Maximum 180 million in state tax credits

A’s to cover cost overruns and sign a 30 year lease.

The funding is location-agnostic so it doesn’t necessarily mean the stadium needs to be built at the Tropicana Site.

Next stop…the legislature!

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It also appears that the Republican governor has threatened to veto the bill presented by the Democrat legislature. Political game playing could kill all of this yet.

(New bill to build A’s stadium on Strip caps Nevada’s cost at $380 million https://www.tsn.ca/1.1965679.1685204068)


Stadium bill SB509 is in the legislature which is scheduled to adjourn June 5

Some tidbits already

Personal seat licenses for baseball? Maybe for club seats but not for your average Joe like it would work in the NFL


Seriously. If this fails the team will only have a season and a half at the Colosseum with burnt bridges.

The A’s are risking becoming a travelling team at this rate


I’m sure a lot of Montreal baseball fans would like to see them re-locate there.

Local word via Jacob Orth, via his established vlog starting at this segment of his monthly updates, is that local sentiment is heavily against taxpayer money for the billionaire owners. Note his summary of how the A’s even had tried to concoct a fake favourable local survey too.

More scathing feedback from Field of Schemes in several articles including this one from Tuesday: