Oakland Athletics stadium and/or relocation thread

Yes indeed, now that that Dan Snyder long of those “Redskins” is belatedly gone about 20 years too late along with that name change, this guy John Fisher wins handily.

The A’s will be in Sacramento for at least three years with an option for a fourth year!

There are minor league ball parks nicer than this one, which will be used by a major league team! Woeful!

Bold text is my emphasis.

The move, which will take place after this season, is happening because the A’s were unable to reach an agreement to extend their lease in Oakland and need somewhere to play what they claim to be baseball while their new stadium in Las Vegas is being built. Until construction is complete in the desert, the Athletics will play at Sutter Health Park, the home of the Sacramento River Cats, who are currently the Triple-A affiliate of the Giants. Sutter Health Park holds a capacity of 14,014 — and has no team family room, no bathrooms in the bullpens and only one shared batting cage.


Nevada supreme court shoots down the appeal by Schools over Stadiums.

Still some hurdles to go but a big one down.


Please note as linked the bottom section of this fine article by Eric Fisher is relevant to this topic, with the top part and associated commentary posted in the NHL off-season thread.

Well, we are well into the heart of this matter in Las Vegas now.

In this essential third of four primary agreements that must be approved, a pact with the terms for dominantly no relocation during the lease, would seem straightforward if there are no ambiguous outs for the A’s.

But it’s in the fourth and last part where the rubber meets the road and true to the heart of Las Vegas - either the owner John Fisher can secure and put up the excess of $1.1B to fund most of the project to play in Las Vegas, or he can’t.

And of course we have to wonder what terms Fisher will get from investors for that sum of money in our current high-interest rate times.

Back in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Stadium Authority, meanwhile, recently reviewed a non-relocation pact from MLB’s A’s, marking the third of four primary agreements the authority must approve as part of the previously sanctioned $380 million in state funds for a planned ballpark along the Las Vegas Strip, and tying the team to the market for at least 30 years.

Two prior components—a core lease agreement and a community benefits plan—were previously presented. The fourth part, a development agreement for the ballpark, has yet to arrive and is perhaps the most critical component. There, the club and its owner, John Fisher, will detail how they will pay their share of the projected $1.5 billion total stadium cost.
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> That team chunk, set to exceed $1.1 billion, also intersects with Fisher’s recent hire of veteran sports finance firm Galatioto Sports Partners to help secure investors to help fund the project.


To me it shows plenty of progress has neen done despite the nay sayers out there, especially in the Bay Area.

Bringing in investors has always been part of the plan to get the private financing. With public funding secured that will attract partners.

I see they have hired Galatioto Sports Partners to help with the sale. Same firm that handled the Ottawa Senators sale, that fetched a then highest ever sale price for an NHL team.

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