Oakland Athletics stadium and/or relocation thread

But no retractable roof in Las Vegas!?

That feeling when the host of the party misses the joke everybody is laughing at … :roll_eyes:


Paywalled article sometimes

A dome in Vegas with no A/C people will walk out.
The summer heat in Vegas is unbearable

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That’s reality and exactly why I think these renderings are certainly better, but they are still not reality.

Meanwhile, I think there is a longer way to go for the A’s to make this move happen now that also the litigation against them continues in Nevada.

Asking for 97 million rent over the course of the offer. 3 years with options up to 2 more 1 year options. Same amoun weather they stay 3 or 5 years longer.

There are lots of other reason why there are no chance the A’s will accept this.

More political postering

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Oakland should tell the owner to take a hike instead.

It’s his problem where he needs to be temporarily.

Never thought I see the day Oakland becoming a ghost town for pro sports.

City council also is culpable in losing teams as well.


I think that’s exactly what the city is doing. But they want to spin it that the A’s are refusing an extension.

I hope the players have fun in Sacramento or wherever they end up for the next three years lol


And just who voted for them now?

On the other hand, Oakland has not been a place in good shape, so I can’t blame them for not wanting any more pro sports handouts when the voters and the community are not getting a fair share in an official civil capacity and not merely via various otherwise honourable acts of charity, which are derived at least in part from public funding when municipalities and states subsidize pro sports.

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Oakland was on Commissioner Larry’s “hit list” for a potential franchise back in 93’.
Just sayin. :wink:

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That’s why he kept saying CFL when asked what the C $tood for :rofl:.

I know the voters have a say in who’s in city council but they should have realised what they were getting.

Apparently they didn’t learn from the Raiders situation from the 1980s (going to LA and back).

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A’s and city met… then they went their separate ways.

Seems like a waste of everyone’s time. No talks scheduled. MLB would like to have certainly by mid season when the 2025 campaign’s schedule is expected to be released.

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MLB put themselves in this position by allowing the owner to run the franchise into the ground.

Just because you have deep pockets doesn’t entitle you to own a franchise.

Put sadly, pro sports will for the the entitled ones and out of reach for us little guys.


They also put themselves in this position by approving a relocation to a place that doesn’t have a temporary stadium they can use.

Almost shades of the Whalers move but they found somewhere that stuck for a bit

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Still think the Whalers are stuck in the Carolinas in the middle of nowhere.

Oh well the A’s mess is on MLB’s head not on the fans.


I have recently heard good things here about your performance as a referee, but I have to say, given also the poor slates we have had lately and reading your reasoning like this, are you now also considering politics?

I’m asking for some voting friends.

/Saunters back slowly to US Election thread

Nah, I wouldn’t last 5 mins as one.

Honestly teams take turns "hating on " me for not making calls in their favour so as a political career aspiration I will stick to complaining :beer:

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Sort of like the top non-major candidate who comes to mind this year, I feel similarly that I would make a great heel so that the opponent could be re-elected.

The only trouble with this strategy has been that I have not liked any of the major candidates for a long time now, so well, maybe this strategy is for another election year.

A lot of those heavyweight fights of yore, with those bush league opponents against the champion, come to mind here as well.

Well, okay, carry on and keep making those tough calls sir.

When in doubt, never smile or frown, and go with your confident and assured game-face:

This National Championship referee was super jacked, and everyone loved it | National championship, Referee, Football and basketball


Thanks, much appreciated :beer:

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Well folks, tonight another chapter in the history of Las Vegas is over, for The Tropicana was closed at high noon on Tuesday apparently. Wow, they didn’t even wait for an extra night of gambling?

Demolition is slated for October.

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Baring anything unforeseen this will be the last season in Oakland.

It’s about time they have some certainty

Will share with the AAA Rivercats. Not clear if they’re changing the Oakland from the name yet. They’ll keep a portion of their RSN money here