Oakland Athletics stadium and/or relocation thread

Creating a separate thread as this saga will be coming to a head one way or another soon.

Oakland City Council approves terms for $12B ballpark but Athletics aren't happy (sportsnet.ca)

Yesterday's approval was a different proposal than what the A's proposed back in April. Main difference being the A's wants 2 financing districts; one around Howard Terminal...where the new park is to be, the other is the Coliseum site where the A's own half and the city still owns the other half. Yesterday's vote is non binding.

The city wants affordable housing to be included while the A's are less committal

A's have already said that the city's deal is not a working agreement. They've had talks with areas in Vegas and may expand their search to other locations.

lease runs through 2024 season but understand the remaining years can be bought out...

Where this path goes remains to be seen.

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The day after

Oakland Athletics stadium negotiations Las Vegas - TSN.ca

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff has a presser

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and other community leaders hosted a news conference near the Howard Terminal site on Wednesday morning in which they touted the city's proposal and urged the A's to continue negotiating. Schaaf said she's noticing an "openness" from the A's, adding that the city "provided the primary things that they asked for, that they have said they need to keep going on this process."

"I respect that they're trying to keep the heat on," Schaaf said, "and what better place to go than Vegas for heat."

As does A's president David Kaval.....noticeably in a different city

Oakland Athletics president Dave Kaval stood somewhere near the south side of the Las Vegas Strip on Wednesday morning, with the Cosmopolitan and Planet Hollywood within eyesight. Kaval will be there alongside his architect over the next two days, he said, sitting in on a series of meetings and analyzing where a prospective new stadium could someday reside. Meanwhile, negotiations with the city of Oakland regarding a 35,000-seat waterfront ballpark at the Howard Terminal site are in what Kaval described as "the bottom of the ninth inning."

If public posturing was an Olympic sport.....they'll need to find a way to split up that gold medal


Well Oakland is 0-3 when it comes to hanging on to franchises.

1970s Seals merged with the North Stars.

2019 Warriors moved to San Francisco.

2020 Raiders moved to Vegas.

Could this be a clean sweep😅,


Even an indoor football team is leaving the city..lol


Ouch that can't be good :joy:

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Manfred is definitely blinded by the light. How can one say no to gov't housing for the low income families reeks of elitism

Oh wow - and of course there's the part they appear not to have mentioned that for Oakland it would be the end of a lost game.

Then again this is California, where the demands are far greater even with charity than in other places such that the exoduses shall continue.

I heard on the Joe Rogen podcast that said the exodus was attributed to the high state taxes. He said he moved to Texas because of it, since Texas has no state taxation


It's been taking place since at least 2000 for that matter, and those who lived in Las Vegas, Denver, and Phoenix in the 00's knew it including me when in Las Vegas.

In addition, higher crime and high or onerous business regulation and various other regulation, such as if you wish to add a deck onto your residence there is quite the procedure associated with and beyond a building permit, are great contributors.

Then in the '10s the Californians flocked more to Austin TX, all the more elsewhere in Colorado, and most recently Salt Lake City and Boise and those places are changing and then it depends whom you ask as far as better or worse (usually the latter).

Rogan did what numerous celebrities have done for decades now. Many have a primary residence in Las Vegas and make any given number of treks to Southern California or San Francisco Bay when on business or for work.

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Interesting take today here from the best site on these matters, www.fieldofschemes.com :

  • And speaking of the Oakland A’s and the city of Oakland’s plan to find somebody else to pay for the $352 million in roads and overpasses to let fans get to team owner John Fisher’s proposed stadium site, Politico found a potential sucker this week: California Gov. Gavin Newsom, it turns out, quietly approved $279.5 million in last month’s state budget for the Port of Oakland to use for “improvements that facilitate enhanced freight and passenger access and to promote the efficient and safe movement of goods and people,” something A’s president Dave Kaval called “pretty similar to what our project is.” With both the port’s director and Oakland officials indicating that state and federal dollars are how they intend to pay for a large chunk of Fisher’s subsidy ask, this seems a very likely slush fund — it’s kind of weird that it didn’t come up in Tuesday’s council hearing, but maybe nobody on the Oakland council reads Politico.

As there is federal money involved, for I don't expect anybody at the state level in California to call out such corporate welfare, I wonder if anybody at all in Congress will take notice? I'm not counting on it either.