O where O where did the Bombers go!

Yes that is right Dad you do not wish to talk about it right! :stuck_out_tongue: Come on piggy!

It's a pattern of late that the Blue just does not show up for the first half at home. There is no excuse to have only two points when you have the players that they come out with on offense!!
Once they began to swing out to Roberts and widen the field they fell into place. They played the first half going right into the teeth of EE's defence as if they had no respect for who they were playing.
Poor selection and horrible effort. The long drive in the late third and into the fourth was the true Blue team and I know they'll learn from that.
Simpson had no reason to get caught up on the third and short, He missed an easy tackle. That won't happpen again.

Why don't you look in the game thread ? That is where I congratulated the schmoes on gutting out an ugly road win. Close games are usually decided by penalties and special teams play, the Eskies won the battle there, and Goldies big run was well, just that, a big time play after a penalty kept the drive alive. We could use the injury excuse, but that really doesn't account for the loss as much as the penalties and special teams play.

toronto 2-1-------------4 points
winnipeg 1-1-1----------3 points
hamilton 0-2------------0
montreal 0-2------------0

still very close…winnipeg has 2nd locked up for this week tho.

hey....we're hutin' at key positions my son....i hate using injuries as an excuse...but all in all we didn't deserve to win that one....too many errors....blocked kicks and bad special teams play...Glenn had a so-so game ...still looked better than Henry and Akilis' heel though....We'll get things together for the Als next week...and even after that loss ...it appears we have less work to do, to get better, than the stamps....... :lol: :wink:

Thanks guys!

I'm here too... just not a big of a poster as Pigseye, and Papa are though. :wink:

Go Blue! :smiley: