O Turnovers/Lumsden & Holmes

Big surprise we never turned the ball over once and we win. I loved the play action and miss direction it really confused the Edmonton defence. Clearly Maas is more comfortable in the current system. Our receiving core needs to be more consistent and I don't see how Radlien figures into our future plans. Jesse Lumsdens combination of speed and power make Julian (and Ranik) expendable. Lumsden and Holmes could be the best combination in the CFL. One more quick point Boreham still scares me. :thup:

I agree with the previous thread. Julien Radlien is unable to get the job done. I am very surprised he has lasted this long. If you look at this years accomplishments they include missed blocking assignments and 2 critcal fumbles. Unfortunately he shows very little mobility.

If I were the new G.M. I would be locking for a real

re-Clearly Maas is more comfortable in the current system.-------- Q- who,s system is it is this Lancasters playbook??

The only problem I have with this thread is people still being scared of Jaime Boreham. He like the team is beginning to get and putting out great effort.
Keep up the good work.

Too me Lumsden's skills would be better suited at Slot back. He didn't look great rushing the ball, but looked good at catching and turning the YAC yards.

He didn’t look good rushing because he didn’t get any push from the line. The line did great in pass protection, but the run block left something to be desired.

He looked really good when the hole was closed
and he bounced outside to get 5-7 yards.

WHAT- if they put Lumsden at Fullback and Holmes at Tailback, the only problem how to distribute the ball :thup: :thup:

um forgive me for askin this i was [retty bombed while watchen the game but corey holmes didnt play right? lol i coulod have sworn i seen him in on one play.. :S or was i just really out of it.

re-blitz- sorry cant say if holmes played in second half, had to work 6 am sat - didnt see him in first half, im thinking they should both be on the field in future -cheers, ps hope you have good hangovwer cure :lol: