O/T Please help!

I know this is off topic but since the happenings are all near IWS, I humbly ask that the moderators allow this thread to stay on as a good gesture to the Hamilton community.

Please read this first:


At about midnight last night, my wife's best friend Jenny was violently mugged near the No Frills near Gage Park by someone that is most likely the same individual as the one in this article. She had spent the night at my house watching movies and was heading home when she was jumped and had her purse ripped off her. In it was all her ID's some cash and a bottle of wine my wife gave her. During the confrontation she fell to the ground and suffered a number of bruises.

I feel horribly guilty. I've let my wife walk out to the store late at night many times and there has never been any issues. When Jenny said she was walking home I did not even think twice about it... She's walked from our place to hers hundreds of times. I feel humiliated and very angry.

And so I humbly beg that anyone that has any information that might lead in the arrest of this turd, please come forward. I am not a wealthy individual but I am willing to reward anyone that has information that leads to the arrest and conviction of whomever is responsible for this act. I will give two platinum tickets, $100 dollars in spending cash and I will be their designated driver for any Ticats home game. I'm sure Jenny's boyfriend will pitch in more as well...

This is the description she sent to me:
"The guy walked behind me for a couple feet and I saw his shadow behind me, but I'm an idiot and didn't think anything of it. He grabbed the strap of my purse, pushed me down and ran. I took off my heels and tried to run after him but he was a lot faster.

it was a WHITE male, approximately 6ft, 180-200lbs. He was wearing a primary BLUE JACKET. Windbreaker-type style. WHITE BASEBALL HAT, worn forwards and I think jeans. No facial hair that I saw, no hair sticking out of his hat.

Chased him for like a block and called 911, but there's nothing that I can do and probably nothing they can do now.

I've lost everything:

Car insurance, ownership, license, debit card, visa, mastercard, sears card, SIN card, health card (mine and Seths) Seth's PICTURE, $20 (that I JUST got) my bluetooth, various cosmetics, smokes, lottery tickets, $50 wallet, $80 purse. And my valentine's day iPod."

I hope they get this guy !!
Thats a nice reward. Great Idea !!

People like this must be serious head cases. Who in their right mind robs a helpless woman, really? Nice life. Hope the cops catch him.

What an unfortunate incident. Its unlikely that he'll be caught. These characters seldom are, but I can tell you one thing; I would be more than happy to forego your generous offer of a reward if I happened to catch this cock roach. My reward would be seeing this thug put away.

Good luck!