O/T - Pickup touch football Sunday AM's

Hello all

I don't mean to spam the board, but didn't know where else to post this.

Every Sunday AM between 10 and noon we play a game of pick-up touch football at Sanctuary Park off of Sanctuary Drive in Dundas. We play all year round, in all weather. Dress for the weather, and cleats are recommended.

It's all in fun, and we play mixed which works well. The more the merrier, and we try to have fast guys cover fast guys, girls cover girls, etc. It's good exercise with good people. And it costs $0. We have footballs, pylons (besides me;) ) and new mesh tops that my wife washes every week. We just want a few more bodies.

You can PM with questions, or just come out! Everyone's welcome!


On that note me and the wife are looking for a co-ed league to play indoor flag football for the winter if anyone knows. Doesn't matter if its a week night or weekend. Let me know

My old stompin' grounds!!!! Used to live on Pleasant!

Come on out!