O/T - NHL meets with Vaughan group = Hamilton snub

Sorry, I just read an article about Bill Daly of the NHL meeting with some rich guy who wants to bring an NHL team to Vaughan.

Boy does this make my blood boil.

Whether you're in the Hamilton-NHL camp or not (...because, I too have a lot of heart for our Dogs), this still has to really make you wonder. The NHL has done everything in its power to keep Jim Balsillie -- a man of much needed cash, and someone who plays and loves the game -- from bringing a team to Hamilton. Despite the near-assurances (by Jim himself, and by logic) that it would be a success. Yet, Gary Bettman refuses to even say the name "Hamilton" when he addresses these issues.

So far, his only audible excuse has been that "Copps Coliseum is too small". What a cheap excuse, considering the expandability and the fact that a solid number of the newest arenas in the league seat the similar numbers. Surely to god he wouldn't expect all the bells and whistles in a building without an NHL tenant.

What bugs me the most is that a city like Vaughan is even being given the time of day by the NHL. Unlike most markets, Hamilton would likely see a very positive gain by having a team. It would continue to aid the revitalization of the downtown and the public transportation network in the GTA. Because, 18,000 going to a downtown location for 41+ nights a year can make that a pretty cost effective proposition. Partly the benefit celebrated by the NHL of the Devils move into Newark -- amid serious questions of fan safety.

Yet, ugly urban sprawl and traffic congested centre of Vaughan is what gets the ear of the NHL. With all the same old territorial issues that have kept Hamilton from being invited to the table.

Something is seriously wrong here. Blows me away how illogical this all seems to me.

The NHL sees Hamilton as small potatoes. We will never get an NHL team. When we lost the original expansion bid to Ottawa (Ottawa!), the writing was on the wall.

I wonder how Vaughan mayor Linda Jackson will help to aid and abed the process...

Because she would never do anything that is ethically or morally questionable.

  • paul

A few years ago, I might have agreed with you. But at the present time, there are a solid number of teams in financial peril. And usually, when ultra riches guys want to take dying teams off the leagues hands, resistance is limited. So, 'small potatoes' are a matter of perception. Phoenix, Nashville and Atlanta must be seen as 'potatoes-seen-by-microscope'.

The new team should be called The Vaughan Hindies. :thup:

And if this is such a strong bid....why is the front man refusing to make public who is in the group that wants to set up a second NHL team in Toronto?

How about "The Reefers" :smiley:

Hamilton is an NHL town. Can you say discrimination? When Ballsili went to purchase the Predators, they took a lower bid so they wouldn't have to sell to us. Now they'd rather give Toronto a second team when their first one sucks bad enough already, then give us one. Sad tbh? Go Flames go!

Please take your NHL drama to a hockey site or out of the football section. I seriously cant stand the NHL or any Hamilton disillusionists who believe this city has any chance at a franchise in the life time of Gary "midget man" Bettman.

Hockey is Horrible - Football is FOREVER!

This isn't drama.. this is real life people screwing us over for an unapparent reason. They'd much rather give 5 teams to Toronto rather than let us have one. Gotta wonder why. This "small potatoes" stuff is just bs. Like hockey or not, an NHL team would be great for tourism and such, and this city can support a team.

Thanks for your opinion. This is something that impacts Hamilton as a whole -- hence it being introduced in the Ticats forum with an "O/T" reference in the masthead.

Perhaps this was overlooked due to "disillusionism" -- which, actually if I'm decoding/ translating this correctly, would be the negative of 'illusionism' -- which one could deduce as a 'realism'...I guess.

An interesting grammatical-meets-Freudian slip?

Once the steel factories are gone and the waterfront in these areas a residential oasis, look for Hamilton to be a place of destination for the NHL and many other businesses. Of course, this might not happen any time in the foreseeable future. And may never happen.