O/T - Cool Shots of Hamilton

Not sure if I've posted this before -- if I have, I apologize.
I stumbled across this link where someone has taken some awesome shots of the city. There's just some amazing work here and totally worth browsing through.

There is a lot -- but gives a great, professional, glimpse of the city. The beautiful, the character-filled, and the blow-away disturbing.


I think these were done in 2007. There are some subsequent works that were posted in other links -- I'll throw them up, too. (It's crashing my explorer right now - not sure why, wasn't before, but maybe just prepare for that.) There's one particularly troubling set entitled "post-industrial" that shows a lot of the city's rougher side.

But, overall, I look at these images and am pretty impressed. We have a very diverse cityscape -- from the beautiful watersheds and urban forest, to the stark, cold industrial areas. A lot of character -- and visually, I think it stacks up against almost anywhere.

The Kenilworth Ave. shots are very disturbing to me, as I grew up just off of Kenilworth, went to school at Holy Family (which appears to be the only preserved thing in the area).
Haven't lived in the Hammer in 30 years or so, and it's pretty sad to see how much parts of it have gone downhill completely.
Of course, there are some major improvements too.

Some great pics of Hamilton here. Thanks for the link.

An Argo-Cat fan

Great shots! My favorites were the Durand and Stinson neighbourhoods with their
grand old homes.

A lot of great memories.... Thanks

Ditto :slight_smile: