O Neil Wilson

Where did we pick this guy from? What an absolute waist of a roster post. Drop balls - unable to hold on to the ball after a catch - cut this guy.

maybe he gets freaked out when the ball is thrown to him because his name is on the ball..i don't know.
don't know how he drop those 2 passes.. i mean richie doesn't throw the ball like dieter brock.

Too easy!! Good-bye Mr.Wilson!!

and he can take ralph wilson and his buffalo bills with him too

I wouldnt mind if manning was on this little list

Isn't this the guy we cut Jason French for?

yup. and i thought french was playing great, but ya what do i know...

Do ya think that maybe French was suffering too much from post-concussion syndrome? That it might have been good medical advice to not let him play anymore? Has French been picked up by another team?

That could be it but if i had to guess id say our coaches are just stupid and decided to cut him.

That`s too bad, if that is the case with concussions. I thought he was a solid player with a lot of heart. There has to be a good reason to let him go. I will give Obie the benefit of the doubt, on this one.

Wilson has dropped catcahble balls for three straight weeks. He will be cut, along with a lot of other underachievers, during the bye week. Guaranteed.

Perhaps. But we need a NI to replace him...

2007 he played with Wpg
2004, 2005 and 2006 He was with Montreal.
He is a non-import BTW

Performances like Wilson's should not be tolerated. If we are lucky he was given the wrong departure time and stranded in Winnipeg Airport.

once that guy from the colts is here wilson is a goner

Wilson should have never arrived. Lack of concentration - could't catch a cold - hands of stone. Not sure why they sighned this guy. Who is evaluating the player talent?