O Morgan

was a good DB but is too old to play in this league, should hang em up, getting burnt too often

great return for a TD but ya he completely blew his cover at the end of the game. He is far from done terminator the defence as a whole got beat today not just morgan and if you think morgan is old whats your opinion on davis....wait I dont think I wanna know

The Guy just set a CFL record for fumble return , The blown coverage may not have been his fault .

You are seriously questioning Morgan's contribution to this game! If he had not scored that touchdown on the fumble recovery, the game might have had a very lopsided score. That play temporarily derailed the opposition. What's a little lapse in coverage compared to that? (Rhetorical question- no response required).

It was Morgans coverage that was blown, but there also should have been some sort of safety help, I think this was James Patricks worse game as a Rider, he was invisible (except for the costly no yards)

its called a play where he gambled and lost
nothing to do with age
Ray throws it short Morgan picks it off or knocks it down
it happens
by the way where was our safety

I somewhat agree with terminator.. Morgan should have played that better.. he should have kept Mann in front of him, and not let the receiver get behind him. Morgan totally bit on the stop and go... you would think that a veteran like Morgan would have known better than to run up to the line on that play. I don't think you can blame the safety-- he had no time to get over there to help on the coverage.

Probably. Although you can't say for certain unless you know what the coverage was. And this is why Terminator's posts are meaningless - he sees things, but doesn't understand them. He just gives them most negative spin he can think of, and then (to our collective chagrin) posts them here.

If the D was in man-to-man, then, yeah, Omarr had to play that differently, given the game situation. Because he bit HARD on the stop and go route, and got fried. If this was in fact the D call, and given where Patrick was on the play, it would mean that the Riders were in some sort of a cover zero defence, which is a very aggressive call, because it takes the safety out of deep middle and puts him in the box somewhere, and leaves 1-1 coverage on the corners with no deep help. Normally, you want your safety deeper than the deepest late with a lead, somewhere in the middle so he can flow to the ball. This was either a call I'd love to talk to Etch about, or both Omarr and Patrick blew their assignments.

However, if the coverage was zone, or some sort of over-under double on that side, then it wasn't Omarr's fault at all, because the short zone would have been his, allowing him to be aggressive on a short pass, jumping the route, knowing he had help over the top. And, the Riders played a ton of zone in the second half, so that's far from impossible. If this were the case, we're back to #14 being the likely culprit, who had completely vacated the deep middle, and in a zone would likely have been the guy responsible for the deep coverage.

I can't beleive anyone would give credit to Morgan for the fumble return. It took a Rider bounce right into his arms and all he had to do was to beat a 350 lb lineman down the field given a ten yard head start.

Morgan has been declining in play for the past year, I have noticed he is getting beat more, therefore he has to start taking more foolish gambles like the one he got burned on. He was gambling to jump that out pattern and guessed wrong. A younger player would have relied more on his quickness in that situation.

My guess looking at the play is that it was some type of man coverage since the safety didn't budget and you could see Morgan backpeddling quickly after he knew he was beat.

First off, Omar is one of the better DB's in this league, and your all about stats so here they are
He is 6th on the team in tackels with 31
He is 1st for INT's with 4
He is tied for 2nd with 2 fumble recoveries, one for a TD

Now I'm not a fan of stats, especially for DB's, but seeing as you are i decided to go get some, those all seem like pretty decent stats for me?

If it was man, that surprises me. It is a risky call. If it is true, then Omarr got fried. I haven't seen the play from an angle that showed where the safety lined up or what he did after the snap. Patrick's play there is still a mystery to me. But a full-field shot would help - I have not seen one yet.

I don't necessarily agree that he's past his usefulness as a corner. Is he less than he was? Yes. But not to the point where he's a liability. Remember too that he plays boundary corner, which means (i) that is generally where teams' best WR's line up, and (ii) the majority of play will be in his direction. It's the second-toughest spot in the secondary to play.

Point #1: The Eskimos were going into a tough wind, for which no QB would attempt a deep pass into such a wind
Point #2: An experienced DB would take this opportunity to play more aggressive knowing that
Point #3: Without Omar's fumble return for a TD, this game turns into a blowout. He gave SASK a chance in this game.
Point #4: Edmonton would love to have Omar in their secondary.

Terminator sounds like the negative people posting on Edmonton site.

Rematch on Saturday!!!!!

Terminator, please come to the game, I will give you one of my tickets and you can sit besides me. I wanna watch your face as Edmonton Puts It On Your SASK.

Are you kidding? He'd love that.

Absolutly he would he would be in his glee to sit and tell how bad the riders are and have you listen to him (im not saying you think the riders are bad i mean secretly all esk fans are rider fans :wink: )

Whoa, whoa , whoa, wait a minute you pass off point #4 like it is the truth?? Was it not Edm who ran Morgan out of town a few years ago because he was more liability than benefit?

I thought it was more the ridiculously high salary they were paying him?

Plus, it was a Danny Maciocca decision. That's almost a vote of confidence.

I'm thinking we're being a bit too presumptuous about Morgan. Let's see how the rest of the year plays out.