o missy a bomber

i think it is a good move for the blue and gold. now we have two kickers who can back each other up if we get an injury. and both can play to their strengths.

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thanks for your insight.

.....to clarify though, not two kickers, one kicker and one punter, but each has the ability in a pinch to cover for the other guy......its a good pickup, dunc probably just needed a change of scenery, working too many years under Wally....

R&W are you typing this and laughing?

wow, rw2005 IS as ignorant as i always assumed

......no no rw05, I'm serious, dunc did not badly when he was here.....I was actually kinda pissed when he followed Wally out west (happier though that we signed Sandro in his place).......I think his fortunes could change in the Peg, could, not a given.....besides, he'll just be punting and while he is no Jon Ryan he should do alright....

I think he'll be okay in the Peg. I was actually hoping the Riders might bring him in, if nothing more than to put some real pressure on the three newcomers we've got trying out.....

he will be able to focus solely on punting.........that should help the kid right there.......assuming Troy doesnt handle both......he did have the 3rd or 4th best average in the league in punting before Ryan came along..........

there is the problem everybody looks right at the numbers. Sure he had the 3rd or 4th best punting numbers but he just sprayed it all over the park, very difficult for cover guys to cover the punt returner. Duncan may need a change but I also think Wally made him the punter he is today. As far as his Fg's he is done! Westwood is a very good fg kicker (just forget about the 3 he missed int he grey cup a few years back) Good pick up for the bombers, It will be interesting how westwood handles this, I am sure he will say something great like he did when they signed Ryan " I will destroy anyone they bring in to compete with me" Reporters dream. Duncan stick to punting and drinking and mouthing off to reporters

I think this is a good pickup for Winnipeg. As everyone knows Duncan is not a field goal kicker, but i've always thought he has been a pretty good punter which will benefit Winnipeg.

I think he is a waste of a roster spot to be honest.

Now R&W2005, his punting out here was never a problem, it was his place kicking. If the Bombers were only looking for a Punter then Duncan is a good acquisition. And if something happens to Westwood, then you have a backup.

This signing wont hurt the Bombers. O’Mahoney is no Jon Ryan, but he’ll kick well for them.

True but I think it would be better to have one guy doing both and leave that spot open for a football player.

I agree, one person doing both would be ideal.......but.......

Besides, think of the things Westwood could teach him.....Place Kicking, playing the Banjo, etc etc

Dam I forgot that! Thanks for reminding me. Again though I think he will fit in there perfectly aha ha ha ha ha!

...i believe they are both into 'zen'.....and will make an excellent duo.... till we get Ryan back... :smiley:

Ah, but Papa, O'Mahoney could bring some of that BC Bumper crop out with him, and the first Argo's game with Rickey Williams, there maybe a greyish cloud hovering around the Stadium! :wink:

Maybe they can hypnotize Simpson into playing in any defensive scheme, Hebert to come to Winnipeg, be happy and play, Smith to just say no to drugs, Roberts to come to camp with a smile on his face, and Glenn to become the great QB that some bomber fans seem to think he actually is, and roll over any opposition. Interesting year it will be in the Peg.

yep, i think ur really overexaggurating everything and anything to do with the bombers. u still havent replied to blackdales post have u sambo. it will all work out fine, after all ur just a fan, tamans a GM. ill take his word over some saskatchewan fans anyday of the week.

as for omany, when did this happen? ive seen nothing of this