O lines


  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders
  2. Montreal Alouettes
  3. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  5. Calgary Stampeders
  6. Toronto Argonauts
  7. B.C. Lions
8) Edmonton Eskimos

What do you guys think about JBs ranking.........I think he might have nailed it.........

Lots of unhappy posters last week. Let see how they react now that some teams have moved up

ha ha ha ha Piggy I noticed the three weakest team in the league in the top four ha ha ha. I guess olines are not necessary for success. BC Lions 11 straight wins, Eskimos grey cup champions etc.

BC had 11 straight wins followed by 8 straight losses

To be clear, rw05, these are rankings from Jack Bedell.....

REally okay that is his opinion that is fine. But it does not make it right!

Does your opinion make it right? :wink:

Absolutely not!
I guess when I posted my opinion you did not like it to bad!

Explain please!
Punctuation helps :lol:

What part do you not understand?

Did you mean "when I posted my opinion you did not like it, to bad
Or are you saying I did not find it to be all that wrong?

I see your a bit confused how about you choose the one you like!

Hmm not bad.... I might switch places with Montreal And Saskatchewan and Switch places between Calgary and Hamilton.

And R&W2005 I can speak from experience.....BC's O-line sucked last year! (Even during the 11-0 run....Dickenson was constantly picking himself off the turf!) We're hoping that Wally's new signings will improve it this year.....Only time will tell!

I am not saying that but a good oline does not seem to matter when it comes to standings. You bet the Lions oline sucked last year but you would not know it from the standings. according to the list it seems the better the oline the worst you ended up in the standings that is my point.

i agree and disagree. i agree because when i was just watching, and not looking up stats or anything, i thought the best team always had a solid offensive line. however i disagree, because its basic football knowledge that a teams offense builds off the offensive line. its the base of the offense.

I agree with james in that a good offense starts at the offensive line. Without a solid offensive line no matter how fast and strong your RB is he wont get holes and no matter how precise the QB can throw he cant do it from his back.

How teams finish are usually indicative of how their oline is. The esks last year I would say are an exception because Ricky Ray took a lot of hits and through some minor miracle he went the entire season without an injury. Im sure improving their offensive line is one of their top priorities and towards the end of the year they were definitely improving. They still have a weak offensive line but it will be a little easier for ray this year having a strong back in davis to hand the ball off to more often

I tend to agree with these rankings. In some cases, it’s too close to call. Like the first two spots. Ssk or Mtl? If I was a QB, I’d be most happy with both lines. Too hard to compare. One thing’s for sure, Kerry Joseph will rediscover football. Can you imagine: he’ll have time to throw the ball ! Now we’ll see the full potential of that guy.

..the tough part about ranking O-lines is there is not a lot of info out there to prove a good line exists.....it's easier to spot a bad line (sacks allowed, lack of yards gained on the ground, etc.) but not so easy to spot a good line, or more importantly be able to prove your team's o-line is decent.....plus, there is not a lot of spread between acceptable o-lines in terms of talent.....a 1st place ranking and a 4th place ranking may be switched on any given sunday.....therefore, I couldn't give a rat's butt over ranking of o-lines....there are no rats in Alberta so I can't even give one anyway....

Last known rat in Alberta used to own a football team... He tried to make his son a football pro and his team a low-budget success story, but in the end, he failed on both counts.

exactly R&W look at the standings the top teams are listed low on his list ( except Montreal) for O lines big deal. Calgary had the second leading rusher on a passing team hmmm does that explain something. Olines are hard to rate.