o-lines/ d-lines

Just posting these #'s from last year, for anyone who isn't aware of them, since I've noticed there has been alot of talke about sacks(specifically o-lines/ d-lines) lately.

Best O-lines
Fewest # of QB sacks against team (2005)

  1. Sask 23
  2. Cal 27
  3. Win 31
  4. Mon 33
  5. Ham 38
  6. Edm 38
  7. Tor 48
  8. Ott 65
  9. BC 74

Best D-lines
Largest # of QB sacks for team (2005)

  1. Edm 47
  2. Cal 47
  3. BC 46
  4. Ham 44
  5. Sask 42
  6. Win 41
  7. Mon 39
  8. Tor 36
  9. Ott 35

Looks like Ottawa and BC Qbs got smacked around a lot last year. With that stat, I gotta believe that the BC O-line isn't the only fault. Dickenson gets sacked a lot wherever he plays. Someone needs to teach him not to get sacked as much? btw, where is Printers? I'm a bit out of the loop with CFL news. Someone should do a summary thread of offseason moves.

Those stats tell me that Joseph is behind the best oline this year, and should he stay healthy, he just might take the Riders a long way.....

Printers whet to the NFL, he is in KC.

There really are no stats that say how good or bad an offensive line is, because a sack isn't necessarily the fault of the O-line. Maybe the QB held onto the ball too long, or maybe he bobbled the snap, or maybe the FB missed a block, or maybe the receivers couldn't get open...there are all sorts of factors that contribute to allowing a sack.

For example, Hamilton's O-line would probably be ranked a lot lower than it was if it weren't for McManus' quick release...or a lot higher if we didn't have Marcus and Khari in so much. (Even combined, they played a lot less than Danny did, yet if I'm not mistaken each one got sacked more than he did.)

Dave is exactly right on this. To add another example Dickinson (even though BC did have a bad O-line) would hang on to the ball longer and wouldn't throw an errant pass and instead take the sack.

Also there is another thing that factors into a good offensive line other than qb coverage and that is rush blocking. How big were the holes the offensive lineman opened up for the running back. Could the running back get another yard or two because of the offensive line. How easy were those 3 and 1 downs or how easy was it to score a td from the 1 should also be taken into consideration.

There are obviously many factors than can contribute to a qb sack, and an o-line cannot be based solely on how many sacks they allowed. However, the o-line is the most integral piece in stopping a sack, therefore you can get a fairly clear idea of the best and worst performing offensive lines in the league based up on sacks allowed.

I agree!

Well, that's cool. That means that in 1999, the Ticats had the best offensive line of all time.

That unit allowed a ridiculously low 7 sacks in 18 games.

No wonder we won the Grey Cup that year, with the greatest offensive line in CFL history.