O line

When everyone is back from injury I would love to see us go with 4 Imports on O line and with our ratio we could pull it off

Lewis,Fig,Filer,Simmons,Olsen. That could be the scariest O line in the CFL. Fig and Lewis played side by side @ Miami and moving Fig to guard would make big holes for Gable. We could use the Canadians we have on O line as backups for injuries or we have option of slotting one or two if we have to change the ratio.. :cowboy:

Interesting idea Willy. However, I think you must be from one of the thirty odd places named Waterloo south of the border.

Just because they are imports (Internationals)? that makes them better???

any stats?

Actually, with the national depth on the team, this is possible. To do that, we'd need to play four nationals on defence. But we've been doing that already, two on the line and two in the secondary. The problem is that we don't have much depth at the same positions we start, so an injury to one of those players would result in a ripple effect to maintain the ratio.

The next question is whether the o-line internationals are any better than the nationals we have on the roster, injured or not.

The replacement offensive lineman in the last game against Ottawa did a great job for the Cats and I agree with Chris Schultz on TSN when you have so many starters out with injuries and the guys who are replacing them perform like that well done, they gave LeFevour the time to make his plays with the run or pass. If these guys continue to play this way Austin will have some decisions to make when starters return?


No it will hopefully be Simmons, Dyakowski, Filer, Wojt, Fig. You don't sit to two guys who have been allstar guards, and can still play at that level.