...One of the worst I've seen in a very long time....Get rid of half of them and bring in some nfl cuts....Some of them haven't a bloody clue on how to block...I would say the major changes start there... :roll:

What's worse is having to use two imports because the Canadians suck even more! At least Simpson finally had room on the one long run for a TD.

I have to agree - this is the worst I've seen the o-line in many, many years - if ever!
They were absolutely dominated today, and it was very obvious.

Speaking of blocking - it's not just the O Line imo... Our receiving core is dismal in this regard. They aren't catching and they aren't blocking... I have a hunch we will see a lot of changes in receivers this week - starting with Poblah, and maybe Denmark.

Yes it's pretty dismal; but it's receiving corps, not core. :smiley:

I'd hang on to Etienne and Kohlert, the rest I'd release or try to trade for draft picks. Edwards is good, yes, but may as well move him out, he'll be retired by the time this team is rebuilt and can contend for anything other than the basement.

Agree with you. Trade for picks anyone you can!

LOL - Corps, I know! iPhone auto correct is ruthless - need to add it to my dictionary!

Yup the whole offence is broken and the defence is heading in the same direction. Burke needs to step aside or be fired because things are just getting worse with him in charge.

I fully agree that Burke is not HC material - but he is a much better than average DC, and certainly 100 fold better than Creehan. This whole thing is a mess - and in the end we are going to lose a great DC mind over contracts, arrogance and ego's!

Unless acting GM Walters makes some incredible finds and deals over the next 3 months - we will have a new GM that will hand pick what he wants in those positions. There is no need to replace any of the coaches now - it will just wind up as more contract liabilities that the Bombers don't need.

....announced that 4 new players are on their way...and get this...an experienced CFL qb. who isn't Quinton Porter....my my....I agree pigseye...it appears Burke has no handle on this team....time for Tim to go or be demoted...What a train wreck...The fans are about to revolt watching this revolting excuse for a team...Some pink slips about to be awarded and the sooner the better... :wink:

Envisioning Mack smiling as he collects his salary for another year. Thanks for everything Joe!

Feel sorry for you guys. Hope they at least win one game at the new stadium this year.

Bomber fans have seen it all, Reinbold, Kelly, this nothing new.

Your receivers are brutal. Poblah has been a giant bust. Etienne is completely invisible. Denmark isn't the same player he once was for some reason. Kohlert is easily shut down by good DB's. And newcomers like Pierce aren't helping the Bombers by catching 5 yard passes. Wouldn't be surprised at all to see Edwards, your only good receiver, traded for a pick before Tuesday so the Bombers don't have to pay him his full salary for the year.

You have to start with the Oline. They are absolutely brutal. They could bring any QB in the league back there and it would not change a thing.

You want to fire another coach ? I'd start by fixing that offensive line.

I agree with HfxTC. Start with O-line. To me it is the single most important piece of the puzzle. So much is relying on the quality of those guys. It's like a goalie in hockey. You can have all the sharpshooters, but if the goalie is a sieve, then you are in trouble. I'm getting tired of reiterating this. Surely Marcel can see the problem.

Yup, Burke was pretty candid after the game saying they are doing the best with what they have. I expect an airlift of players coming, they at least deserve a chance with players of their choosing instead of someone else's mess.

Henoc and Simpson would be untouchable for me. All the rest are up for grabs or trade bait.... The way this team is playing now looks like it's their first game together. At least if it was a bunch of new guys playing together for the first time, we could have some hope and they would look like they care. The apathetic play has to be the worst aspect of the dilemma. There is a few Canadian boys stuck on ST that would just love a chance. James Green ,if he's not too banged up, is a guy I've noticed that plays gung-ho. Let him take the place of a high salary American, just to shake things up. Maybe some of the floaters will begin to play football. If not, start the jet engines..... I gonna try to forget these Bomber problems for the day at least and enjoy Spsychedelic Sunday in my garage. Cheers

......Let's face it...Burke is on thin ice....He won't survive this team much longer, I'd say till Labour Day....IF the team is still performing like it is, even with the airlift (I don't expect miracles from the new guys) there better be some intensity and heart shown or the writing will be on the wall for Tim....I like the man but you have to have the respect from the players and I don't think he has that, at least as a head coach...We may keep him till the end of the year and endure performances much like we seen in Ham yesterday BUT I believe management is taking a hard look at Mr. Burke....We'll see... :roll: