The themes around here seems to be the qb's are garbage, they suck etc etc. they blow, its all their fault.

i just wanted to make this topic because honestly, do people really believe its just the qb or oc? or lapo or something? i suggest some people go watch the game again, take a stop watch, start when ball is snapped, stop when the line collapses forcing brink and pierce(happened every game this year) to throw the ball, run for their life or just eat it. its legit 1 1.5 seconds at the most..

my question here is.. week 1, oline eaten alive, week 2, same thing, week 3, same thing ,week 4 same thing...

guess, my question is when the theme seems to be lack of protection for the qb, what do people expect?

i will say this tho, if pierce played last night, we probably would have won.

however with that being said, pierce had no time, brink had no time..

the Oline is the problem.. if people cant see that.. i dunno guys. i just dont know.

its easy to blame the qb and the coaching, but reality is the game is won or lost in the trenches and 4 weeks 1, our oline has been on the losing end of those "wars" every time.

send 3 guys to blitz, oline collapses, 4 or more.. man, its like "ole".