A nice situation is shapping up on the o Line ....theirs alot of bodies!!!!
mind you not a bad thing yet interesting how Popp will manouver!!!

Steenbergen, Dylan
Barrette, Anthony
Matte, Kristian
Bomben, Ryan
Pino, Chris Import status will hurt
Brodeur-Jourdain, Luc
Bourke, Josh only 28
Perrett, Jeff only 27
Woodruff, Andrew only 26
Flory, Scott Maybe 2 or 3 years left ?..

Flory : will depend on what happens this season. If they win another GC, watch for him to leave on top !

Why would he leave? No reason. Well paid and in good health. Playing well. He still has at least 3 years,unless a serious injury occur.


Agreed. As long as he stays healthy and his performance continues to be where it should be, there's no reason Flory can't play for at least three more years. He hasn't shown any sign of slowing down, and he plays on a solid O-line blocking one of the game's best quarterbacks. He makes good money, better money than he'd make were he to retire. I hope Scott's around for five more years!

Family ...

I`m hoping Steenbergen or Matte take the next step in their development and can be used as the 6th o-lineman.

Wouldn`t want to have to use an American like Pinto as backup as we did with Seagraves last year.

Care to explain yourself? One-word replies aren't very helpful. His family probably appreciates the healthy paycheque Flory brings home for being the senior-most member of a championship-winning O-line.

Ok let me try to explain it for you. As you mention, "senior member of the O line". The O line is now in transition. Flory is the last of his group. (Chiu, Lambert just to name 2) who he is close with no longer playing. While he does make some money, at the end of the day, if he wins a 3rd GC, good chance he will go out on top rather than stick around for another year. Not saying it is written in stone, but would not be surprised.
His family is important to him and is very involved with them and their budding activities.

Is Flory a year round resident of Montreal?

Yes,Flory has resided in Montreal for the last 5 years or so.


Correct, on the West Island of Montreal.

he'll play a few more years!!

What scares me the most is Bourke, Brodeur-Jourdain & Flory are playing their option year in 2011.

They can become FA in feb 2012.... Jim will have some action to renew these 3 O-Line starters...

Speaking to Scott at a Grey Cup party in february, he told me then, that his body tells him he's got 2-3 years left....

BrodeurJourdain and Flory don`t worry me, they can be resigned.

Bourke does. He has NFL ambitions, and being a stud Canadian LT, there is also the risk a Tor. or Ham. will come in with an offer that will upset the Als slotting system ( e.g. they won`t pay Bourke more than Flory).

Still lots of time, lets enjoy 2011!

brodeur-jourdain signed an extension this off season!! flory finishes his career in montreal!! bourke goes nowhere!!